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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What I Wore: Black lace and coral

We went out after work a little over a week ago to a couple of breweries with friends and I knew there would be a mixture of sitting outside and inside so this outfit worked out perfectly with the option of the denim jacket. This is also one of those tops that can add some dressiness (is that even a word?) to any outfit.. I guess it's the lace. I like how it has a bright color under the black lace layer. Of course you know I love teal and coral together!

Black lace top: Loft Outlet, similar, similar, similar
Black camisole: Old Navy, similar, similar
Coral skinny jeans: Loft, similar, similar, similar
Denim jacket: Old Navy, similar, similar
Cognac flats: Aerosoles, similarsimilarvery similar
Cognac crossbody bag: Target, similarsimilar
Black earrings: Towne & Reese, similarsimilar

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Clemson Family Weekend

A little over a month ago we went to Clemson for the UNC game with our families for a big day of tailgating and the game. We arrived on Friday afternoon with my parents and walked around downtown a little bit at had dinner.

Saturday everyone arrived bright and early to our usual tailgating spot. This year we stepped up our tailgate with a generator so we could set up a tv and a crockpot. Everyone really enjoyed having the tv especially with the game not being until 7pm.

We took a walk around campus before lunch with Keith and Megan to take a few photos.

Here is the pulled BBQ chicken crockpot recipe we had for lunch.

That afternoon we were glad to have Carla and little Felix visit us for a bit. He loved the cornhole.

 Everyone hung out, watched the tv, played cornhole and visited with friends

Some pretty great photo bombs made for hilarious entertainment. There is an even better one of these with Eric and Justin but I think it is on Megan's phone.

And Abby loved her bubbles.

Then we headed into the game. It was a great game, especially seeing the new QB Deshaun play and the Tigers won! Can't beat a night game in Death Valley especially in September avoiding the heat!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What I Wore: Purple on Purple

Purple is a great jewel tone that looks good on many people and I wear it frequently. It just seems very fall-ish too. I wore this to work with black pants but if you really wanted to go for it, you could turn it into purple on purple on purple with some light purple or mauve skinny jeans. I don't own a pair of purple skinny jeans but those or an orange pair have been on my closet gap list for awhile now. They would be perfect for Clemson games but also look great with other items.

Printed purple top: Banana Republic, similar, similar, similar, similar
Purple cardigan: Loft Outlet, similar, similar, similar
Black straight dress pants: Loft, similarsimilarsimilar
Gray flats: Anne Klein iflex
Silver filigree earrings: The Limited - seriously get a pair of these.. they are so fun and lightweight AND on sale (they also come in gold), similar

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

My most ambitious sewing project: DIY Pouf

Much earlier this year, I was coerced into the most challenging sewing project I've ever done but in the end it paid off. That sewing project was a pouf. If you don't know what a pouf is, it is sort of like an ottoman but usually more attractive and softer. My pouf was finished in July but I just got around to taking some finished photos of it to share. But I am giving you a sneak peak at a couple of the new family room pillows I made a the photo below.

I had never attempted sewing a piece of furniture before and it was a bit intimidating but I had the craft girls over and the three of us figured out the steps together. We didn't finish them that day but got to where the shell was basically together and we had stuffed a few things in. Danielle actually had her denim one mostly stuffed.

I am not going to go through the steps one at a time because the BHG tutorial does just that and we followed that step by step. You have to register to get the instructions and pattern but you can opt out of any communications. None of us ended up using a tight woven burlap material like it did because we didn't think it would be as comfortable. I found mine gray fabric in the JoAnn's drapery/upholstery sale section for $9 a yard and you need 2 yards. It has a little bit of a church pew feel to it.. a little velvet-y but it is not velvet, if that makes sense at all.

You do need a lot more things to stuff it with than you think. This is what took the longest and I didn't even work on the pouf for a few months as I was waiting to clean out husband's closet so I'd have more pants and shirts to stuff in my pouf. Old towels work well too and there are at least 3 full sized towels in my pouf.

I found the finishing design with the embroidery thread to be a great activity while watching tv and didn't mind it at all and I usually HATE hand sewing type stuff. You have to do several stitches before it will look right... I did one and started thinking I was doing something all wrong but you need to do more for it to look like the right design. It helps to use a metal sewing gauge.

The cost breakdown: I already had an old sheet on hand for the lining, so I had to buy the outside fabric, thread, fusible bonding, embroidery needle and embroidery thread (it called for 4 skeins but I only used 2). So the whole pouf cost less than $30 to make using a coupon. And all the stuffing came from items I already had and I already had some poly-fill but even if you needed to buy poly-fill (use a coupon) that would just bump it up to $35. You'll end up with plenty of extra fusible bonding for future use too.

I would definitely make another one of these provided I had enough things to stuff it with as that was what took the longest. Guess this goes to show I should be braver with my sewing projects. We've been using it a bunch and it is very comfortable as a foot rest or as an extra seat in a pinch. The only complaint I have is that is it a little heavy due to all the stuff in it but it needs to be that way so it fills out and is a sturdy piece of furniture while only being filled with old clothes and towels.

Hope you decide to make your own pouf!

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