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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I Wore

Annnnnnnnnd another what I wore to work outfit. A year ago I would have never paired this top with this cardigan but now that I've been doing a little reworking of my wardrobe and monochromatic fashion is in, I think they go perfectly. Eric wasn't too sure but my wonderful coworkers were!

Orchid pink cardigan: Banana Republic Outlet
Maroon top: Banana Republic Outlet
Black Pants: The Limited
Black heels: Bandolino (found at Marshall's)
Turquoise and silver earrings: Apricot Lane Boutique (click first photo and zoom in to see them)

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Little Boy Fish Outfit

My mom had been making these cute little boy pant and shirt outfits for awhile. I had her make one for me for a friend's baby shower last August. Then this spring I decided I wanted to learn how to applique myself so I could make the adorable shirts.

I was nervous about applique because it always looked so hard. It really wasn't as difficult as I thought as long as you use a simple shape (not a lot of acute angle points or curves) and go slowly. Luckily my sewing machine works well going slowly. I followed the instruction my mom gave me which I will do a post on soon.

The first time I appliqued a tie onesie as a trial and it actually turned out great once I figured out what stitch lengths and widths worked best. I thought about giving it away but couldn't part with it yet since I wanted something to look at whenever I do more.

Two baby showers were coming up so I took a trip to JoAnn's and saw some fabulous fish fabric. I knew a fish would be an easy shape to applique (my mom actually already had a template for it she found online) and I bought enough fabric for matching pants too.

I sent the fabric to my mom and she sent back 2 pairs of pants and the fish template. Then I made two fish applique shirts for a complete outfit. Everything is in a 12 month size because at showers people usually end up with a ton of little baby clothes and not many clothes for later on.

It's an easy outfit to thrown on for the day with elastic pants and the fabric isn't really thick so the baby won't be hot.

There are going to be two super stylish boys out and about in fish outfits. I can't wait until I get to see a picture of them in their outfits - Whitney and Carla... make sure to capture that!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Painted wood bead statement necklace

This craft is super easy and a wonderful outfit accessory. I just love statement necklaces! The only downside is when those necklaces are heavy and can weigh on your neck after awhile but this one is not heavy at all. I had seen a few of these on pinterest and decided to make my own. You can finish it in 30 minutes tops unless you spend forever deciding on what colors to use like I did :)
Painted Striped Wooden Bead Statement Necklace
- 10 wooden 1 inch beads with the holes drilled through them (found at Michael's in package of 18 and other craft stores)
- 20lb off-white hemp cording (also found at Michael's in the jewelry section)
- craft paint
- painters tape
Wrap half of each bead in the painter's tape. You have to guide it some to keep it pretty straight on the round bead but it doesn't have to be perfect.
Paint the other half in your chosen colors. I stuck with 3 colors but you could use more or less. I used coral, royal blue and yellow. This is a very customizable craft!
Wait until the paint is dry and peel off the tape. (I thought it would be like painting a wall where you pull off the tape as soon as you can before the paint dries to get a clean line but that actually made a messier line than waiting for it to dry completely)


String on your beads and cut the cord to the desired length. I always like to tie mine and try it on before cutting so I can make an adjustments. I made mine about 25 inches long (plus several inches for the knot part) and it is easy to slip on over my head. Too much smaller and that might have been harder to do.

You could easily make this with smaller wooden beads too especially for kids and if you go with 3/4 inch beads there are 27 in a package instead of 18. The cording comes with enough to make at least 3 necklaces so make one with a friend or for a friend!

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ross and Susan Wedding Weekend

As mentioned here, we went to SC in April to see our good friends Ross and Susan get hitched. Ross went to high school and college with Eric and as a fellow Finance major, Ross and I had some classes together at Clemson too.

Friday night we arrived in Camden (where Susan grew up, a small town an hour away from Columbia known for the Carolina Cup) for the rehearsal dinner. It was at a restaurant downtown and it was very dark inside so that's why these pictures are pretty dark even when using my fixed lens (great for low light situations). I did try to lighten them a bit in picasa. The food and wine were delicious.

Oh Justin.

They gave out these cute seed packets.


We spent the night in Columbia with Keith and Megan and had a nice lunch with Eric's family on Saturday. Then we headed back to Camden for the wedding and reception.

The wedding was in this very old small chapel that isn't used for services anymore but is a popular place to get married.

The reception was in downtown Camden in 2 connecting big rooms above restaurants and office space that seemed like it was used for events like this. Of course I love exposed brick!

Susan made all the pompoms herself.

Such a cute couple!

Lots of dancing and the cake was delicious.

This shouldn't come as a surprise that Eric and I pretty much spent most of the time  on the dance floor :) Unless we were taking some photos like these.

SILs :)

The ladies with adorable pregnant Carla.

The gang. The photographer also took a photo of our group too (and including Ross and Susan) which I'm sure came out better with her fancy flash but I don't have a copy of that yet.

Susan's dad gave a sweet speech/toast at the cake cutting.

Congrats Susan and Ross! We are so happy for yall and wish you a blessed marriage!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I Wore

Another what I wore to work since let's be honest I'm wearing work attire 4 or 5 days a week (I try to work from home one day a week).

I have been increasing the outerwear in my waredrobe. I think a jacket or blazer really pulls an outfit together and can be a nice alternative to a cardigan. Outlets are a great place to get these for a discount. Luckily we have a big outlet near Charlotte!

Black zip up jacket: Loft Outlet
Gray and white striped knit top: Old Navy
Gray pants: The Limited
Black patent flats: Anne Klein iflex bam bam these are super comfortable and great for narrow feet!
Pink statement necklace: Groopdealz
Simple silver earrings (hard to see unless you click the first photo and make it bigger): homemade, actually from my sister's wedding

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Abby Candids

Our niece, Abby, who lives with Eric's parents that I have written about many times, is growing up right before our eyes. It is crazy to think how she has developed into this little person and just turned 6 years old!

She loves writing and drawing and doodling. She can even write her name in cursive and is learning the other cursive letters. Abby has this hunger for learning and absorbing everything around her. When we were in Columbia for a wedding in April we had lunch with Eric's family on their back porch and I was able to shoot some candids of her with my 35mm lens - still love this lens by the way. She has so many different expressions.

Oh and she is taking piano lessons every Friday. She is so proud of how far she has come in her piano book.

These are Eric's sweet grandparents who are nearly impossible to catch in a photo.. they don't like having their picture taken or posing so I snapped this candid very quickly :)

Staring contest... Abby wins

Monday, June 3, 2013

2 baby showers in 1 weekend: Baby Jaynes

After the first baby shower of the weekend we were off to the second! We arrived in Greenville, SC from TN around lunch time and met up with our friends Justin and Emily.

Justin and Eric hung out while Emily and I attended Carla's baby shower that afternoon at 2. Chris and Carla who live in NYC (in case you remember our trip to NYC a few years ago) are expecting a baby boy in July.

The shower was downtown in apartment above shops. It is owned by a family friend and wasn't being used so it was great for decorating especially with the exposed brick! I love this "little boys are made of" sign.

This shower had an adorable frog and blue/green theme. It's neat when some of the food is incorporated into the theme too.


Framed printables at a shower are such a great idea. These sugar cookies were delicious. Since the shower was in the afternoon they had snack foods and desserts for everyone to munch on while they mingled.


All the ladies got to guess Baby Jayne's arrival date. My date is July 7th... lucky number 7 right? Although that would make her overdue by several days but the days closer to the due date were all taken.

Then we played the pretty popular shower game where you had to guess the names of nursery childhood books by a description using a lot of synonyms... some were easy and some were hard.

We played one more game where you had to guess the name of the song and artist when a short clip was played. All the songs had "baby" in them. I was not so great at this game trying to remember artist names but did pretty well with the song names. It was fun to see some of the ladies born before us trying to figure out Baby Got Back.

Of course we had to see what awesome presents Baby Jaynes received.

We did a group gift from several of us but I also made him a Clemson class of onesie and a fish outfit (same fish outfit as Whitney and Tyler... luckily they don't live in the same city so the babies wont have a "that is my outfit!" moment). He is going to be the most stylish baby out and about in NYC that's for sure. I promise to share pics of the fish outfit soon.

It was getting late in the day so the lighting isn't awesome but Emily and I had to get a picture with the mom to be. I love how our hands happen to make a heart!

This is a pic I snapped of Carla with her sweet Clemson roommates.

Then we went back to see how much trouble the boys had gotten into while we were gone and Eric and I were on the road back to home sweet home, Charlotte.

We had such a great time and I was glad to be a part of this special celebration for Baby Jaynes. We cannot wait for his arrival and to hear what his name is!

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