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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Baby Barnes Yellow and Green Shower

In January we threw a baby shower for Eric's older brother and his wife from Richmond, Thomas and Tory who were expecting in April. I was in charge of the shower and also gave tasks out to Megan, Eric's mom and grandma. What girl couldn't use a little help when not residing in the city where the shower is thrown?

They weren't finding out what they were having and didn't have a set nursery color scheme so I decided on a simple Yellow and Green shower. We held the shower at Eric's parents home at 11:30am on a Saturday with family and a few family friends.

I made a Baby Barnes banner and circle garland using my Silhouette. I made a simple yellow polka dot table runner.. basically like sewing a giant napkin. We used white or glass serving dishes and plates except for a few green accent pieces like the small green bucket used for pretzels and the small green tin watering can used for silverware.


Chicken Salad served on croissants and rolls
Zucchini muffins
Orzo pasta salad
Fruit skewers
Onion dip with pretzel chips
Mini blueberry and apple cinnamon muffins
Coffee cake


I finally got to use my nice drink dispenser for the first time. From Homegoods. Obvi. It was leaking at first but Eric's dad was there to tighten it up and save the day! I ordered these striped green straws off amazon and already had the mason jars.

Little Miss Abby posing with the onion dip Megan made. We put it in a dip chiller I received as a gift from my godmother awhile back to keep it nice and cold. You fill the chiller with ice and the dip goes in smaller bowl that sits on top of the ice in the chiller.

Then we ate the food minus the cake. Everything was great and the chicken salad was especially a big hit. I don't know why but chicken salad and croissants just perfectly shower-ish to me. I didn't love the zucchini muffins (too mushy in the middle and not enough taste) and probably wouldn't make them again but a couple of people liked them.

After that we did Wishes For the Baby. This was a template I found online and printed out and had Megan back with scrapbook paper. It's a great shower keepsake for a baby book or whatever and people write some hilarious things.

Then we had coffee cake made by someone that Eric's mom works with. It was delicious! There were also some petit fours (I think from Publix).

We had one more shower activity... Baby Word Scramble! This was something I played at a shower for a co-worker and much better than those "guess the baby food" or "guess the chocolate bar in the diaper" games in my opinion.


Then it was time for presents. Abby was a good helper passing the presents to Tory.

And yes I made them a Gamecock onesie. I know I know... how could I? Well it wasn't easy but I guess that makes me a nice and welcoming Clemson fan, right :)

Thomas checking out the mystery contraption stroller car seat combo.

Me with the mom-to-be.

If you were wondering why I said at the beginning that they "were expecting in April" it is because Baby Barnes arrived on March 24th slightly ahead of schedule! It was a BOY and everyone is healthy and doing well! Welcome to the world Hudson Barnes!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Western Caribbean Cruise: Belize City

You better belize it.... we had an unbelizable time in Belize on January 2nd! Don't worry I think I just exhausted all my corny Belize puns... the cruise ship totally played up the belize puns too.

Belize City is a port you tender into meaning the boat is too big to get close to the shore to a dock so you board a smaller boat of like 50 people that takes you ashore. The only downside is if you need to leave first thing in the morning you have to wait until your tender ticket number is called (priority is given to the Carnival excursions leaving first thing). Although we saw some people who were getting into our tender boat even with a much higher number. You know.... those people... the ones who think the rules don't apply to them. I wish they had thrown them overboard sent them to the end of the line but alas they weren't looking at every single person's ticket.

after tendering- cruise ships in the distance

We booked a tour for our family to get a brief tour around of the city and then a tour of Altun Ha, the Mayan ruins.

We met our tour guide by the lighthouse after the tender ride around 10am. It was just the 4 of us plus a marine biology teacher from Maryland who had spent the previous week with students on a field trip and this was his last day before returning home. It was an extremely affordable tour especially for almost being a personal tour just for us.

We rode around in a one of those air conditioned (key!) 12 passenger vans. First we were taken around the city hearing about all the buildings and history and current event info. Our guide, Allen, was extremely knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. Then we drove out to Altun Ha which was about a 45 minute drive.

The ruins were such an experience to see up close and to walk (and climb) on something so ancient. It was believe to be first settled sometime around 250 BC. It was super sunny and hot that day hence all the sun protection.


The tallest ruin is the Temple of Masonry Altars.

This was a breadnut that Allen cracked open with a rock to show us.

And there were avocado trees. Mmmm what I would give to have one of these babies in my backyard.

There were some pretty flowers that I just had to do a low aperture shot on. I mean you know that feeling right?

We had a great time and it was easy to book online and they were very prompt in replying to emails. And Allen rocked! Would definitely recommend to anyone.

We were dropped off near the port around 2:30pm and took the tender boat back to the ship for a late lunch.

That afternoon we attended a hilarious Newlywed Game. You know the one where they have 3 couples (one newlywed, one married for the longest and then one in between) and they ask the man or woman questions- some quite embarrassing questions on stage and then see if the spouse answered similarly and whatnot. I think the old couple who had been married for like 50 years was the funniest. Some of the husband's answers were such a hoot! If you go on a cruise, do not miss the Newlywed Game unless you are easily offended and not open minded... then maybe you should skip it.

We had a wonderful dinner that night per usual so you know what's next... seeing what was on our plates!

I think this is the appetizer Eric got and they were stuffed with shrimp and some other stuff... I don't remember what they were called... maybe you could call them shrimp balls but that doesn't sound as appetizing. Guess that's what I get for waiting too long to write these posts. Next time I'll take pictures of the menu each night so I can remember the names.

The pork chop with veggies was delicious.

Mom had tiramisu for dessert and loved it. I dislike coffee so tiramisu is not for me.

And don't ask me why but they brought Eric a birthday cake slice and sang to him - his birthday (and mine) was not for another 4 weeks. We thought my dad had something to do with it as he is a jokester and had just come back from the bathroom a few minutes before but turned out he had nothing to do with it. Regardless we didn't correct them of their error.

After dinner we watched the UF vs. Louisville bowl game in the sports bar. Dear Gators, I am still disappointed in you. I even made sure to wear my royal blue dress to support you.

Our towel animal that night was a frog. I love our chosen poses with the frog. Eric decides to become a frog and I decide to change the frog to a prince.

Our next stop is Honduras!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Apricot Lane Boutique opening celebration this Saturday

Listen up Charlotte area ladies, this is for you!

The boutique Apricot Lane in Huntersville is having a grand reopening celebration on March 23rd, and is offering some really great deals this weekend. Some of the deals are all weekend long and then the Saturday celebration has even more perks. Sounds like a fabulous girls shopping adventure! Here are all the details.

Huntersville Apricot Lane Grand Opening Celebration:
Fashion Show, 20 Percent Off Storewide, Giveaways March 21-24
Who: Apricot Lane, a women’s boutique featuring celebrity-inspired affordable fashions, located in Birkdale Village
What: The revamped Huntersville, N.C., Apricot Lane store, which reopened March 1 under new ownership, will be offering weekend deals and steals in addition to participating in the “Say Hello to Spring” fashion show as part of Birkdale Village’s Spring Festival.
As part of the weekend deals, everyone who comes in store Thursday, March 21 through Sunday, March 24 will receive:
· 20 percent off storewide
· A complimentary 3 Strands Bracelet (a $18 value)
· The chance to enter to win a $500 shopping spree and other great prizes
· Gift bags with local coupons and goodies, as supplies last
The fabulous grand opening celebration Saturday, March 23 also includes:
·Complimentary nail polish changes from a local spa company and a photo both for shoppers to capture fun photos from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday
·Participation in the Birkdale Village fashion show beginning at 6 p.m.
·Complimentary ApricoTinis at the store after the fashion show, from 6:30 to 9 p.m.
Where: Birkdale Village is located at Birkdale Commons Parkway in Huntersville, N.C. Apricot Lane is located between Dressler’s Restaurant and Sunglass Hut on the corner of Lindholm Drive and Birkdale Commons Parkway.
A few photos courtesy of franchise owners, George and Carol Toulas.
Loving the bright colors! Cannot wait to browse through the clothes and accessories!
I am super excited to visit on Saturday afternoon and check out everything they have to offer and partake in some of the great perks! New spring nail color anyone?!
Hope to see you there!
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