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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Grown-up Collage

When I was in middle school, high school, and college I loved making collages. I think it first started with a Leonardo DiCaprio (or as I called him, Leo) collage in one of those binders with a clear plastic sleeve on the outside. I cut tons of pictures and words out of magazines to make the perfect collage. This later evolved into making photo collages in the same types of binders and posterboard and in college on my dorm walls. I do love photos and taking photos! I guess it has always been a big thing in my family.

In Eric and I's new home we have a big wall in our living room opposite the fireplace and tv. I knew as soon as we moved in that I wanted to make a wall collage - a much more grown-up version of my old collages of course.  I collected picture frames from HomeGoods little by little and wall boxes as well. Due to other house priorities (such as getting a new bed, organizing things, and whatnot), it took like 5 months after we moved in before I had everything ready and we put it up. This was no easy task to hang either. I'm sure Eric was about to kill me when I asked him to move a couple of things ;) This was the wall sometime in the fall before the collage. 

We had some friends over to watch a Clemson game. This is my sister in law Megan, me, and our friend Emily.


Current wall collage and sofa table

I chose pictures of us, family, and friends. Almost all of them are from our wedding or events around then (rehearsal, honeymoon). I went with normal sized frames and varied the orientation of the frames so I could use different pictures and it made the collage more interesting. What do you think? I really like it!

The sofa table underneath has a couple of pictures too and some decorative vases and such- a lot of it came from HomeGoods, one of my fav stores! I could do some serious damage in that store. I like to swap out the decor on the table a bit for certain seasons like fall, Christmas, etc. I am still gathering good decor items for places such as this (and other places around my house) from Goodwill, Salvation Army, garages sales so it takes some time to find good stuff but that is okay. I also plan to make some decor type items from different ideas I have seen.

Sofa table decor at Christmas

For now I will enjoy my saweet wall collage :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hello Blogworld!

I started reading blogs some last  year... mainly friends blogs and some decorating/DIY type blogs and I really enjoyed it. I thought it would be great to create a blog of my own. It can't be that hard right? It seem like everyone can do it. Just start a page and write some posts on whatever topics you feel like and people can read them if they feel like it. Creating a blog became one of my goals for 2010 (among many other goals- some of which you will learn about in the future). I decided I wanted a blog about my life and no particular theme so I'll have posts about decorating, DIY projects, cooking, jewelry making, my family, my friends, trips, and whatever else I feel like since this is MY blog all about my life :)

My hubby created my blog after I gave him my ideas for design and layout- he did a great job. He came up with the name which fits us perfectly. With our last name being LaForce we have heard that Star Wars joke a good bit. There will definitely be grammar mistakes and spelling errors, etc. because who really cares (sorry Mom). I want to be free to blog in more conversational form. Yall and trafficy are words to me :)

So I thought I would start off with a little bit about me although most of the people who will probably read this already know a bit about me but that's ok. I am a newlywed (I have been told you are a newlywed until after your first yr of marriage so I still qualify for a bit longer) married to the most amazing guy, Eric- we met in college and he is my best friend. We are recent new homeowners living in Charlotte- I LOVE Charlotte so I'm sure  you will hear more about it at some point. I moved to Charlotte after graduating from Clemson (Go Tigers!) to start work at Bank of America and I have been there for the past 3 yrs. I am a project manager and I really like what I do. My parents still live in FL where I grew up. I enjoy cooking (something my mom is fab at), dancing, hanging out with friends and family, decorating and furnishing our home, Clemson sports- a very dedicated fan, and being outdoors in nice weather. I feel SUPER blessed with this life that I have and the amazing people in it... I am so thankful! Well that seems like enough for my first post so just stay tuned.
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