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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Clemson Tiger Paw Cookies

We had friends over to watch the Clemson vs. Va Tech game in October so I thought that would be a great opportunity to try out my Clemson Tiger Paw cookie cutter! Our friends are Va Tech fans so I made Hokie cookies for them too. I decided on sugar cookies so I could do frosting in orange.

Here is the cookie cutter I have. There are 3 sizes and I have the little one and the  medium one (still need the big one). I used a Thanksgiving turkey cookie cutter for the Hokie cookies, close enough right?


Cookie Pops

My friend Katie mentioned cookie pops to me when I told her what I was making so tried it out. For 2 of the cookies I stuck wooden skewers a little more than halfway into the dough before I put them in the oven. Knowing we didn't plan on eating these 2, I let them cook an extra minute or 2 so they would be a little sturdier. Then I put them in a purple bucket filled with marbles and packing peanuts so they would stand up for a great table decoration!

I used store bought frosting to ice the cookies. They actually had orange for Halloween but it was a light orange so I added orange food coloring and mixed it up for a Clemson orange. Next time I might try to do fancier looking icing by piping it on instead of just using a knife.

Here was the whole table set up. We fixed a nacho bar for dinner: shredded chicken in the crock pot, melted cheese in crock pot, and loads of toppings. We also had fruit with whipped cream to dip it in.

I love using all of my fun Clemson servingware!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Clemson Reunion Weekend

This year's 5th annual (wow!) Clemson Reunion Weekend was for the Clemson vs. FSU game the weekend of Sept 24th. It just so happened to be the weekend after our Clemson vs. Auburn game family weekend so Eric and I got to be in Clemson two weekends in a row. It kinda felt like when we were students and we were there every home football weekend.

On Friday, after a little shopping downtown we went to Monterrey's with the Morgan clan. Lots of yummy cheese dip and chips were consumed as usual and some margaritas.

Then we were off to Tiger Town Tavern where we always go the Friday night before the game (and usually the night after the game too).

The next morning I snapped this pic of the lake house we rented for 2 nights because it was much cheaper than a hotel, although it was further away. Next year hopefully the Anderson condo we always like to rent won't already be booked.

We were out to the tailgate spot before 9am ready to have mimosas, bagels, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, fruit, spinach dip, and such. The Morgan fam hosts a wondeful tailgate every year!

Annual session of putting together of the new grill after the old grill forgot to get packed. Kelly had the honor this year.

Traditional photo shoot of the roomies. I think this photo is hilarious of us telling Vickie she had something on a tooth. True friends tell each other things like that :)

We miss you Brooke

Gen and I

If you read my Auburn game post which was a week before this game you will notice my hair is certainly shorter in this picture with Eric than in ones from that weekend

My little Christa stopped by the tailgate.

AXO girls

Of course there was cornhole.

We had a wonderful lunch of bbq, coleslaw, cheese & crackers, smores bars, brownies, and more. Then we relaxed a bit.

Vickie's brother who is a big FSU fan brought an FSU themed raft that he blew up... great for pre-game napping.

Game time! This was a 3:30 game. We had all hoped for a night game but at least it wasn't noon. It was pretty hot out even at 3:30.

The Tigers pulled off a great win over FSU! I am 5-0 for Clemson vs. FSU games.

After the alma mater.

After going back to the tailgate for awhile it got quite dark so we headed to Tiger Town Tavern again to finish out the night.

It was a fabulous Clemson reunion weekend and I cannot wait for next year! (Brooke you better be there!)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Layered t-shirt vinyl onesie

My friend Katie is getting a new niece/nephew and wanted to give them a University of Michigan onesie. She brought over a onesie and some yellow and navy t-shirt heat transfer vinyl. I had never tried layering vinyl before but after doing a little test with some of my scraps, I decided we would give it a go.

Layered Vinyl Onesie
After making the design with the silhouette software, I did a little copying and resizing to get an "M" that would fit well inside the other M". After getting them cut out, we just read the directions for layering from where she purchased the vinyl from. I know brands are different and this was cold peel vinyl so you wait after ironing to peel it off and then wait before doing the next layer. Make sure to read your vinyl instructions when you do this.

I am so glad we went with 2 colors to make it more authentic looking. The layering was simple and I would definitely do it again.

Katie's new niece/nephew is going to be such a great U of M fan!

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Clemson vs Auburn game with family

My parents came up and we all headed down to Clemson  for the weekend of the Clemson Auburn game. It was perfect since my mom went to Auburn and we don't play them normally. We arrived Friday afternoon to walk around downtown for some Clemson shopping and people watching. It was randomly chilly for a weekend in September.

I got a few Clemson goodies and then we went to eat at Mellow Mushroom.

I did get a ton of compliments on my Clemson tote bag made by my godmother Peggy. It's probably my favorite bag and I have a bigger version too, great for travel or taking things to the tailgate!

The next morning we were up bright and early and got to the tailgating spot right before 8am! Yes we love tailgating. Again it was pretty chilly that morning but we knew it would warm up later for game time so we layered and wrapped in blankets. Of course there were tiger paw muffins.

Eric's parents and Abby arrived with some other breakfast items. My mom had made Abby this so incredibly adorable Clemson colored gameday dress. We picked out the fabrics and the pattern when I visited them in July. My mom whipped up that dress so much faster than I could have.

It is McCall's 6100 pattern. It is a simple pattern and would still look great without the appliqued hearts. I have still not tried my luck at applique yet but mom is great at it. You should definitely try this pattern out for an adorable toddler or little girl dress. You can see pics throughout the post of what it looks like on... its great for twirling!

And what gameday toddler dress would be complete without a cute football themed headband?!

And my mom has recently taken up crochet (like she wasn't good at enough hobbies already haha) so of course she made Miss Abby a Clemson colored flower crocheted headband. A-freakin-dorable!

We had a great time hanging out and playing tag and such before the game.

During a trip to the library bathrooms we saw they had dyed the reflection pond orange... it was interesting. Certainly solid orange.

Then it was about time to head into the stadium for noon kickoff.

This was Abby's first college game. I think she was a little overwhelmed by all the people and the noise. This is DEATH VALLEY after all... the best college football atmosphere there is!

Everyone had fun cheering on the Tigers (and the other Tigers).

Me and the 'rents

Thankfully Clemson pulled off the win (sorry mom)!

We went back to the tailgate for some yummy food post game: chicken salad on rolls, italian pasta salad, cheese and crackers, fruit, chips, brownies and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Perfect that none of that requires heating so no need to worry with a grill or cooker of any sort.

Then we played some more tag and raced around and did dances with the pom poms.

It was a wonderful day with our families in Tigertown :)  Hopefully we can do that again next year.

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