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Friday, May 21, 2010

Hello Blogworld!

I started reading blogs some last  year... mainly friends blogs and some decorating/DIY type blogs and I really enjoyed it. I thought it would be great to create a blog of my own. It can't be that hard right? It seem like everyone can do it. Just start a page and write some posts on whatever topics you feel like and people can read them if they feel like it. Creating a blog became one of my goals for 2010 (among many other goals- some of which you will learn about in the future). I decided I wanted a blog about my life and no particular theme so I'll have posts about decorating, DIY projects, cooking, jewelry making, my family, my friends, trips, and whatever else I feel like since this is MY blog all about my life :)

My hubby created my blog after I gave him my ideas for design and layout- he did a great job. He came up with the name which fits us perfectly. With our last name being LaForce we have heard that Star Wars joke a good bit. There will definitely be grammar mistakes and spelling errors, etc. because who really cares (sorry Mom). I want to be free to blog in more conversational form. Yall and trafficy are words to me :)

So I thought I would start off with a little bit about me although most of the people who will probably read this already know a bit about me but that's ok. I am a newlywed (I have been told you are a newlywed until after your first yr of marriage so I still qualify for a bit longer) married to the most amazing guy, Eric- we met in college and he is my best friend. We are recent new homeowners living in Charlotte- I LOVE Charlotte so I'm sure  you will hear more about it at some point. I moved to Charlotte after graduating from Clemson (Go Tigers!) to start work at Bank of America and I have been there for the past 3 yrs. I am a project manager and I really like what I do. My parents still live in FL where I grew up. I enjoy cooking (something my mom is fab at), dancing, hanging out with friends and family, decorating and furnishing our home, Clemson sports- a very dedicated fan, and being outdoors in nice weather. I feel SUPER blessed with this life that I have and the amazing people in it... I am so thankful! Well that seems like enough for my first post so just stay tuned.

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