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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Boston Adventure

Boston has been on our list of places to visit for awhile. At the beginning of Oct we made a long weekend trip up there and our friends Chris and Carla met us there from NY! I found a nice 1B/1Ba condo with pullout couch on VRBO for the 4 of us to rent that was close to a couple different subway lines and seemed like a nice area... and it was! It was in the South End area close to Back Bay and Prudential T lines. My college friend Mary Ellen now lives in Boston and gave us some suggestions for our trip.

The condo was in this building
We took a taxi to the condo because it was raining cats and dogs. Eric and I had an adventurous walk to the grocery store once we arrived and were soaked by the time we got there. Thankfully that first night we all ate pizza at this place that was.. no lie directly across from the condo. It was yummy and I was so hungry I think that made it even better. Obviously I took this picture the next day.

Saturday we went for breakfast at a place Chris had been to before called Flour. It was packed and to me that is always a sign it will be good. I had a scone and Eric had the french toast - we recommend those! It was a really gorgeous sunny blue sky cool but not too cool kind of day and so we set out for lots of sightseeing. First we took the T over to Harvard.

The campus was really pretty with brick and stone buildings and mature trees not to mention the fact that you are thinking wow this is really Harvard! We then decided to pretend to be students in an unlocked classroom :)  I recommend a subway ride over to Harvard if you are in Boston.

Definitely Harvard material
 Next we visited MIT. This has to be the oddest architecture I've ever seen but kinda cool.

There were some nice lawn areas near some classrooms sort of like bowman at Clemson only smaller. But there was no one out there on this gorgeous Saturday... I'm sure they were all studying or watching football yeah definitely studying... those smarty pants... I guess someone has to work on all those tech gadgets we love.

We did some more walking around across the river and then headed toward the North End for lunch at Faneuil Hall.

ceiling at Faneuil Hall
We did some more exploring around the North End and saw Paul Revere's House, Old North Church and sat by the water in a park and enjoy the scenery.

We went back to the condo for a little relaxing. Then that evening we went to eat dinner in the North End at some italian place. It was so nice to just hop on the T to go everywhere. Eric and I thought our dinners were just okay but Chris and Carla liked theirs so it may be a hit or miss depending on what you get. There are a ton of italian restaurants in that neighborhood... literally a few on every block. Then we went to a bar to see some football before meeting up with one of Chris's friends to go to another bar. To get to the 2nd bar we walked at least a mile after getting off the T and let me tell you at the end of the night my feet were DYING! No exaggerating. And honestly I have no problem doing a lot of walking but perhaps that day was too much with that last bar hike.

time to power down

Sunday we walked from our condo to Boston Public Gardens and Boston Commons- it was closer than taking a subway there. It was chillier and cloudy that day but I guess every day can't be like that sunny day we had on Saturday.

We spotted some kids playing Quiddach.. and SERIOUSLY playing and practicing and talking strategy. I had no idea it had caught on like that... my kids at CTY camp where I was an RA used to play it too now that I think about it. Seemed kinda nerdy but at least better than sitting inside playing video games or something.

Chris and Carla left to go back to NYC and Eric and I did some relaxing. That night we went to a Thai restaurant just down the street from the condo. The food was wonderful and reasonably priced too. Later we went out for some frozen yogurt :)

Yummy Thai restaurant

Monday was even chillier and quite windy but nevertheless Eric and I set out for some Boston activities. We took the T in hopes of riding it out to see Boston College but quickly realized we didn't have enough time to go that far so we got to see Boston University from the T instead. Then we went to Fenway for a tour of Fenway Park.

This was one of my favorite Boston activities and well worth the $12. I am not even a Red Sox fan or even really big into pro baseball but the tour was fantastic. It was neat to learn all of the history of the ballpark and walk around and sit in the seats etc. The tour guides are very knowledgeable and make it interesting. Definitely do this tour. Seriously. Even if you hate baseball. Just do it.

The green monster

Later that afternoon we took the T to the airport to head back to CLT. It was quite easy and already paid for since we had passes - you should definitely just take the T everywhere in Boston. We had a wonderful weekend with friends and enjoyed another destination on our list! And we would definitely go again, Boston was a great city!

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  1. Hooray!!! I love hearing about all the things you did. The Upper Crust Pizza you went to is seriously like 2 blocks from my Apt. So close! And Upper Crust is a Boston favorite, quite popular. Flour bakery is also a famous South End you guys really did it up like a local!! So glad your trip was a success!


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