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Saturday, January 8, 2011

DIY Free Dessert Stand

I'm sure near the top of many of your New Year's resolutions is to spend less/budget better. I am completely on board with doing things the thrifty way and how does it get any thriftier than something you can make for ZERO DOLLARS! Yep that's right, using only things you have on hand and trust me you have these items.

My idea for this came about when I saw this post with a cute candlestick dessert stand that you can take apart. Problem was after a few trips to goodwill I still couldn't find one of those candlesticks needed for that project. Enter plan B. It was only 1 day until we were having friends over for our Gingerbread House Party and I reeeeally wanted a dessert stand to display some treats on. So I made one using only items in my house and I still wanted it to be able to come apart - so nothing permanent. If you are like me you probably don't have space to store a big dessert stand intact.

I used:
-2 white platters I had on hand - 1 bigger than the other, you could also use plates)
-tape- double-stick to be exact but I think other non permanent tapes would work as well if you fold them over
-wrapping paper
-A jar of peanut butter.... wha??? just trust me on this :)

Wrap your jar of peanut butter in the wrapping paper. It can even be some other jar/container with a flat top. It helped that the jar was fairly full to make the dessert stand more sturdy and that it was plastic (non breakable). Cover the lid in double-stick tape and place smaller platter/plate on top and push into tape. Then place that in the middle of your larger platter to complete the stand! So quick, cute, and did I mention FREE!

You could also doublestick tape it to the bottom platter if you wanted it to be extra extra sturdy. Since it was already pretty sturdy and just adults at this party I wasn't really worried about it. This can work for any type of event since you can just switch out the wrapping paper. Or even use fabric scraps. You can also switch up your platters/plates. Afterwards, it's a piece of cake to take apart by just pulling the top platter off the tape and unwrapping your jar. Just make sure not to wrap up a food item you are going to need that day :)

Of course this doesn't have to just be for desserts especially since so many New Year's resolutions are about eating healthy! Use it for appetizers or fruit or whatever really! However, here are the recipes for the Crinkles & Snickerdoodles.

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  1. Very cute and so many ways to use it. Thanks for sharing, Vicky

  2. Cute. I have one of those candlestick ones, but I like the idea of a non-permanent one for occasions when you need more than one. thanks for the inspiration.

  3. this is a great idea! I have one that I made with the glue and candlesticks.....

  4. Great tip! Thanks for sharing your thrifty ideas!!

  5. Loving the idea of what a couple of plates, tape, wrapping paper and a jar of peanut butter can do. Great job! Really need to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Emily, I love the way that used what you had on hand to create a beautiful display for entertaining. It just goes to show how we can still live richly without having to spend a fortune! Very inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing this with "A Little Birdie Told Me"! I hope you'll continue to be a part of the Tuesday fun!

  7. This is great! You are the Red/Green of Homemaking!


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