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Sunday, November 13, 2011

first NFL game

In September I attended my very first NFL game! It was the Panthers vs Steelers preseason game. Our friend Andrew arranged for a group of us to go. It worked out well since it was a Thursday night so after work we walked and grabbed some food and then walked to the stadium.

I think more of the stadium was Steelers fans than Panthers fans but that didn't surprise me too much since I know there are a lot of Steeler fans in Charlotte. Still I sported the black and blue to support the Panthers as a Charlotte resident.

Me and neighbor Kristen
The game was fun even though the Panthers lost.

I do have to say I am definitely a COLLEGE football girl. I just can't get into the NFL like with college games and I would take any division 1 college game over an NFL game but I guess that's just how I grew up. However, it is really nice to be in a city with major sports teams in it.

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