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Monday, July 23, 2012

Our niece turns 5

Our adorable niece Abby turned 5 at the end of May and we had a wonderful birthday weekend with her in Columbia.

Saturday morning we went out on the lake. The weather was really nice for a boat ride an lunch but the water was still too cold. Abby and Eric tested it out and were quickly back on the boat shivering.

After the lake, we spent a little time at the neighborhood pool. Abby loves bugs. She was fascinated by the rolly pollies and caterpillar type worms she found.

That evening before having burgers on the grill, Abby rode her bike. Pretty soon I bet those training wheels will be coming off.

We also played on her new swing set and played tag in the backyard.

Sunday was Abby's birthday at a place called Partyz Unlimited. It has a bunch of bounce house type things and slides and a kids rock wall. They had pizza and cake after playing. All the kids also get popcorn, snow cones and cotton candy supplied by the place. Then they are given back to their parents as sugar monsters. Here are a few pics from the party.

I made a pink and purple banner for Abby's birthday. Same way I did my summer mantle banner. Abby is definitely a girly girl and loves pink, purple, dresses, skirts, jewelry, etc. I can't blame her for liking those things :)

There were about 25 kids there total with most being around 5 like Abby and the rest were siblings of those kids or neighbors.

Abby had a cupcake cake in the shape of a heart. They were vanilla so there were also a few extra chocolate cupcakes for those that really wanted chocolate.

Abby picked out presents she wanted at Learning Express and they kept them in a bucket with her name on it kind of like a gift registry. We were able to go to a Learning Express in Charlotte and they took what we bought out of her bucket in Columbia. This was wonderful - I hope she continues to register there for birthdays in the future!

One very popular item at Learning Express is live frogs. There are 3 frogs in there that get fed once a week. Due to her fascination with bugs and such I am not surprised she wanted this. Move over pet fish, the new trend is frogs. (I did ask a couple weeks ago and the frogs are still kicking... whew!)

Happy 5th Birthday Little Miss Abby! You are growing up so fast!

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