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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow of 2013

We had a snow day in Charlotte on Saturday February 16th. Usually it always snows here for a day or two each year just enough for this FL raised warm weather loving girl but we actually did not have any snow last year. Crazy I know.. there was some some nearby in the mountains but somehow we were missed. So I was ready to see everything pretty and covered in white so long as it didn't ruin any plans :)

It started snowing about 4pm and didn't stop until sometime that night. Within 30 minutes we had this.


Everything just looks so pretty all coated in white fluff.

Our plans to get Mellow Mushroom for dinner were scrapped when I called and they said they were closing due to the weather. Can you tell we don't get snow very often here? So we grabbed pizza from a local place nearby that was not afraid of a little snow.

When it stopped snowing I think we had about 3-4 inches.

I took a few pictures the next morning before it all started to melt.


Everything was basically melted and back to normal by Monday. I may be jinxing myself by titling this post "snow of 2013" but since it is almost the end of February it's fairly safe to assume we won't get any more snow until next year.

Snow days aren't as exciting as they were in college when they would cancel classes. With the ability to work remotely, there is no such this as a snow day off of work. We had such great times in Clemson when it snowed and I have some wonderful memories of playing in the snow and using dining hall trays to sled down hills!

January or February 2004 (I think) - this was before I was better about cataloguing what months pictures were from but perhaps Shannon remembers.

January 2005 - It snowed on my birthday! It was a wonderful present :)

February 2007 - Roommates

I do remember waking Brooke up very early to tell her it was snowing. Not sure she was quite as excited as I was... apparently if you grow up in Illinois, snow isn't as thrilling.

Yes those first two pictures are photos of photos I took with my phone. Sorry! Everything pre Summer 2005 is not on CDs and only on negatives... gonna have to fix that sometime. I'm so glad for digital photography now!

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