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Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Burlap Banner

I've been wanting a fall banner for my mantle for awhile and ever since we moved in May and I have a mantle with no tv on it, I got motivated for fall be the first season/holiday I decorate it for. Yep my mantle stayed bare all summer with the business of moving into a new house and vacations and such. So it was about time to decorate it!

I wanted it to be simple and bring warmth which is why I decided on burlap. First I cut out 4 triangles from the burlap squares I had cut first. The triangles are 8.5 inches wide and 10.5 inches long. I made a pattern out of paper in case I need to make more triangles in the future and it makes it easier for cutting the burlap if you pin the paper pattern to it. I used my Silhouette machine to cut out "fall" using freezer paper. Since the freezer paper was so thin and I had to redo a couple things due to ripping, next time I would use cardstock. If you don't have a Silhouette you can just use an exacto knife to cut out letters.

Then I painted a thin layer of mod podge on the burlap triangles and let it sit for several hours. I read this helps the paint adhere better.

Then I ironed the freezer paper letters to the burlap. It doesn't stick as well as ironing to fabric and this isn't a must but made it so I didn't have to hold the paper in place while painting. This wouldn't work if using cardstock.

Then I used black craft paint and dabbed the negative space on the freezer paper with one of those cheap paint sponges on a stick for the letters to show up in black paint. You could use any paint brush/tool.

I let it dry and did another coat. Then I pulled off the freezer paper and was left with black "fall" letters on the burlap triangles.

I hung the banner using jute and tiny clothespins I found at walmart. You could also hot glue the triangles to the jute for something more permanent.

So there you have a quick and easy fall banner. I really love the way it looks on the mantle and the texture and warmth it brings to the room. I may do a post later on all my fall decor but if you are wondering about the pumpkins on the candle sticks those are my dryer vent pumpkins, super fun craft!

I had originally planned to add some buttons to it for some color but hadn't gotten around to it before I wanted to hang it. I may still add some buttons or just leave it plain... what do you think?

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