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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Oh The Places You'll Go Baby Shower

Last month, my mom and one of my best friends Katie threw me a baby shower here in Charlotte with the theme Oh The Places You'll Go. It was more travel inspired with just a touch of Dr. Seuss which I loved since we really love travelling and seeing new places and hope our little one will too.

All of the decorations were perfect. My mom has a lot of travel decor (like the hats hanging from the kitchen light fixture) from living in different countries growing up in an army family. And she has lots of Little People travel themed toys like the airplane and bus and such that my sister and I played with as kids. She borrowed the globes and garland from me and made the table cloth and banner.

She also made this diaper wreath with clip art travel stuff taped to it. She also made a pretend passport for the baby. We are hoping to cloth diaper but of course will always need a few disposables for when we travel and such. She printed the Dr. Seuss quote out and framed it. We are excited to hang it up in the nursery.

Our little guy has a ton of cute appliqued and handmade onesies and such from the mantle. I'm loving the little hat and leggings with transportation stuff on them. There are a few more Little People toys on the mantle as well as random little toys in the two vases as decor. And a Oh the Places You'll Go Baby book to be read in utero from my sister. We've read it to munchkin several times and he seems to move around a lot and really like it!

I took these two photos later that night so you could see the window decor and table cloth better because it was hard to capture on camera when it was so bright out.

When guests arrived they grabbed a bow tie and if someone said the word "baby" you got to take their bow tie so the person with the most won a prize. I lost my bow tie very quickly :)

All the food was labelled for a different country to go along with the theme... so clever!

The little food labels were made out of punched out maps and punched out white paper with the words printed on them and are attached to binder clips.

My friend Elisabeth brought this activity that I was super excited about which I had seen at a friend's shower. Everyone puts their thumbprint on the printable (in the end it will look like a big bunch of balloons) and signs their name in their thumbprint. I can't wait to put this up in the nursery too!

We played  few fun shower games Katie came up with. One was matching the word "baby" in different languages and another was about what different things you have on your smart phone.. some was related to baby or kids and there were other categories like how many contacts you have with a "B". Much better than the measuring tape game or the candy in diaper game that I've heard of played at showers.

And I opened gifts. Little guy has some super awesome stuff already!

The wives from the group we usually hang out with.

Katie and I... can you believe she co-hosted a shower when she was about 37 weeks pregnant. She is amazing!

Elisabeth and I

My friend Kelley brought her daughter Olivia who is seriously the best behaved almost 4-year old I've ever seen. She is so adorable too.

With my mom and sister

And the hubby... who was great at clean up and packing up :)

I had such a wonderful shower and munchkin is already so spoiled and loved! Thank you mom and Katie for throwing the shower!

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