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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Weekly Pregnancy Photos

In honor of this day last year when we found out we were pregnant, I wanted to share all my weekly pregnancy photos. It seriously does not feel like that was a whole year ago... time just flew by!

One week after finding out I started doing these weekly (so that's why it starts with 5 weeks pregnant) in the same spot in the room we made into the nursery. Part way through you can see that the wall got some samples on it and changed colors when we painted the nursery aqua in week 27. The aqua even looks totally different in different lighting. You might notice the last two photos are a little different... well I had planned on taking my traditional weekly photo at 35+1 day but I went into labor that day and never got the planned photo so that one will have to do. I had no clue when we took my photo with the Are You My Mother book that I'd have a baby in my arms a week and 2 days later. Also I wanted to at least round it out to an even 36 since I missed some weekly photos with my little boy coming early so I decided I could take a final one at the would-be 36 weeks mark and he could join me! He was just 5 days old then!

Big thanks to Eric for putting up with taking photos every single week! We just took them all with the phone since that was the easiest. I also had weekly photos taken wearing the same white shirt and black leggings which are neat to look at the difference but I like these since I'm wearing different outfits like some of my cute pregnancy dresses!

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