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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3 states in 1 weekend

A couple of weeks ago we took a weekend trip along with Eric's brother and wife (Keith & Megan) to visit the twins best friend Tyler and his wife Whitney in Louisville, Kentucky. Our trip started off a little hectic as we did not allow extra time for Keith & Megan to check their bag. This resulted in a mad dash to the gate... and I'm not kidding. In the airport my legs can turn into super super fast walking legs (even while towing a suitcase) where people have to run to keep up. Who knows how this happens as I am a small person and have short legs but I was moving like I was being chased by rabid scary dogs (with no running allowed although I can and have resorted to running through an airport before... ahem ATL... need I say more). Anyways it was a good thing I hurried to the gate with our boarding passes because when I got there it was only about 4-5 min until the plane departure time. The rude boarding pass gate checker lady let us on and a line of standbys didn't look so pleased at our late arrival. I swear if we were a second later we wouldn't have gotten on that plane.

Anyway then we arrived in Ohio. But wait didn't I say we were going to Kentucky. Yes but actually flying into Louisville was 2 times the price of Cincinatti (1.5 hrs from Louisville), go figure. Once we arrived in Louisville, we went to a nice lunch at a place called Wild Eggs and the boys went to play frisbee golf and the girls relaxed and then went to a pool for a bit. That evening we ventured into downtown Louisville for dinner and such. The weather was really nice out too.

We ate at the Spaghetti Factory. I had never been there before and I thought it was just ok. As far as chain italian places go, Olive Garden is better. They did have cool looking headboard booths.

After spending some time walking around downtown and ample time in a bookstore, we drove to a pie kitchen. I had this fantasic and definitely not fat free piece of Caramel Dutch Apple Pie. Keith also enjoyed that same pie below. Eric had an upsidedown cupcake... yes that means they turn it over and just cover it in icing.


The next day we went to the Louisville Zoo. It seemed like a great zoo, not that I am a big zoo conosouir or anything. My favorite is the giraffes. Oh and they had penguins :) It was really hot out so the penguin room felt refreshing for a moment.


That afternoon we took a little trip to Indiana. Who knew Indiana was 15 minutes away from Louisville! Well I did not. Apparently going to school in FL you don't learn a lot about geography other than the other southern states and the really big ones (NY, California)... everything else is just sorta up over there and out thatta way. In my defense Megan didn't know it was that close either.

That night we ate thai food at this hole in the wall place. I love me some pad thai (especially at this restaurant in Charlotte called Basil which is where I first had thai food- yum!) but this place made the food more spicy than I prefer but the boys sure did enjoy the spiciness.

We played games and went out for icecream at Comfy Cow. Of course I got cookie dough since it IS the best flavor, delish! They had a super cute logo and such... only happy cows supply milk for their icecream.

The last day, Sunday, we headed back to Ohio and flew back to Charlotte with only minor complications involving Megan and the full body scanner security guard. We had a fun weekend with friends and I got to add 3 new states to my list of visited states. That brings my total count to 17! Yeah! I do think someone should open up a pie kitchen here in the Queen City though :)

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