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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Goodwill Score

Are you one of those people that sees everyone else in blogland finding fabulous things at goodwill and just stare in awe? Yep, well that is me. Sure, it's not too hard to find a good plate, or candlestick, or picture frame. But I am just astonished (and jealous of course) at these great things people find at goodwill - cute chairs, dressers, hutches, and tables for them to redo! Why aren't people donating awesome stuff like to my goodwill!

FINALLY my day has come! After weeks and weeks of stalking visiting the goodwill by our house, I scored a saaaaweet dresser! Now I usually try to go once a week if I can and maybe about every other time I find something small like a plate or vase to redo and I always look at the furniture area. Normally its filled with not so great stuff - like computer chair that doesnt even look dorm-worthy. Or some crappy laminated looking entertainment center that holds those giant box-like tvs. Until this one day I saw a dresser there and I knew all my trips to the GW had paid off! It was only $25. And it was most or all wood. And it was French Provencial. SCORE!

I made Eric stand there with it even after I had taken the buy-it tag thingy just in case someone wanted my dresser. I would have been prepared to fight them for it though, or Eric rather. It had only been out on the floor a day or less so I think I was really lucky. Of course it is definitely in need of some love... it has a good bit of marker on  it. And a wood piece one drawer rests on to open/close is missing. And its really dirty and dusty. BUT I knew these are things I can fix and it had good bones.

I am doing research on furniture redo's throughout blogland. The dresser seems to be all wood but with some sort of shiny finish on top. At first I thought the top was laminate but my friend Holly checked it out and thinks it is wood too but just with some top slick finish. So that is great news. I can even reuse the drawer pulls. I am super excited to work on my first furniture redo! If anyone has advice on redoing furniture like this, please please let me know!


    Check out Zinsser bonding primer too, it is good stuff!

  2. I have a dresser like that - it's been with me since I moved out of my parents' home 20yrs ago. It was made in the late 70s/early 80s & it's maple with a clear laminate finish on the top. The theory was to make it "make up" friendly & supposedly withstands nail polish remover. A bonding primer for laminate counter tops, like Zinnser, would probably be a good solution for your dresser top.
    Good luck & congrats on the GW score!

  3. I think I have it's cousin. See what I did with it.

  4. Now that I read yours, I guess mine isn't really laminate. I used some oops paint. It was white and I mixed in a little gray.


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