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Monday, September 20, 2010

Farewell to Summer

Sidenote: apologies for the delay in a new post. We switched my blog over to blogger from wordpress and took awhile to get everything working. There will definitely be more than 1 post this week so look forward to that!

Can you believe it's more than halfway through Sept?! I have this centerpiece on our kitchen/dining table that is so very summer and thrifty too. I took some play sand from Lowes and filled the bottom and then topped it with a tall candle and shells from the dollar store and a garage sale. I wanted to show it since I will be changing it out soon for something fall-ish.

Summer is probably my favorite season. I love sunny days, the beach, summer dresses and skirts, flip flops, vacation time, long days... I could go on. Yeah it gets hot sometimes but after growing up in FL I don't mind too much. I am sad that summer is coming to an end... but the positive side of that is....

 FALL. And FALL = FOOTBALL (college football that is, who really cares that much about pro. college is where it's at.) And lots of other nice things like changing leaves and pumpkin bread. So fall is a close 2nd to summer.

This picture makes me smile. I heart football. Everyone knows the south is all about hospitality, grits, sweet tea, and football :)

There is just something really happy about watching gameday, tailgating, and watching (or going to if you are lucky) your team play and watching all the other big match ups week after week. I have been a football fan my whole life. I was born a Gator fan and I became a Clemson fan when I went there for college so Clemson is my #1 and UF my #2. Since I have been a fan of both the 2 teams have not played each other so that is good news for me. Eric and I went to Clemson for the 1st game this year and we had a blast.. it's always great to go back. I'll do a post about that soon!

Are starting to enjoy fall or what? I know I am! GO TIGERS!

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