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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Clemson Reunion Weekend

This is one of those weekends I look forward to every single year... time spent with my college girls (and their significant others and some of their family) and this year was no different for our 4th annual Clemson Reunion. Gosh is this really the 4th football season since being a student!?

This was the first year that Eric and I didn't have someone to stay with that still lived in Clemson, so we decided to rent this condo off of VRBO. It was easy to get to, 15 minutes from campus, and had everything we needed - just as described and avoided higher hotel room costs. I recommend it to anyone looking for a place to stay in the Clemson/Anderson area. We took Friday off work so we could go to pot belly deli for lunch, walk around downtown and of course stroll through the beautiful campus on a wonderful October afternoon... ahh memories.

We made various tailgating food (including Tiger Tails and Tiger Paw muffins- will post about these soon) before we went to dinner with Brooke and her dad. Then most of us met up at Tiger Town Tavern, an annual tradition, for some fun.

We were up bright and early Saturday morning. And I mean we were at our same Strom tailgating spot we have met at for years at 8AM. We take this tailgating stuff seriously. It was quite a chilly morning but definintely warmed up by game time. Lots of eating, drinking, cornhole playing, and picture taking took place.

I'll do a post soon about how I made this rosette necklace.

These are my girls (minus Marjorie who couldn't come)! I love them!

We all take a ring picture together every year. We are pretty big on traditions if you hadn't noticed.

Some of us only get to see each other once a year so we enjoy every minute of it!

I got to stop by to see Brooke H. again with her cute baby girl bump.... not too much longer :)

We had lots of fun cheering on our tigers against the terps with our big block of seats! And they retired Spiller's jersey.

Then of course back to more tailgating the rest of the afternoon/early evening. And I got to see Christa below - one of my fabulous axo littles!

Shannon has a little baby bump too :)

It was quite dark and a little dewy when I took this hence the spots.... oh well. Can't wait til I have a DSLR!

We finished out the evening back at TTT watching some more football.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I feel so thankful to have our annual reunion and that I have been able to stay close to these wonderful friends I made in college. I am already looking forward to next year! GO TIGERS!


  1. Shannon is pregnant? She looks adorable! So many AXO's in this post- I love it! Emily, you wouldn't believe it, but I haven't been to a game since I graduated... BAD Clemson alumnus!

    Also, I love that necklace. I can't believe you made it!

  2. @Lily, you should come next year! There are always a ton of people at the tailgate (Vickie's parents do the tailgate every year), the more the merrier!

    Glad you like the necklace!

  3. Haha, remind me next year, and I'll go! My parents live in the Clemson area, so it would be really easy for me to attend a game. I just never know who's going or what tailgate to go to. Stephen, my bf, needs to experience a Clemson game.


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