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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tiger Tails

My friend Shannon found a recipe for Tiger Tails and said that they would be really cool for our Clemson reunion tailgate... they sure looked like they would be! She was flying and it wouldn't be easy for her to make them so I said I would try them out. I do love all things Clemson so it seemed perfect to have a recipe that screams Clemson in my back pocket to whip out at any time.

Tiger Tails Recipe- makes about 30*

1 bag of Wilton Candy Melts - Orange
1 bag of Wilton Candy Melts - Chocolate (you wont need the whole bag)
(I have found Wilton Candy Melts at Michael's and Super Walmart)
1 bag of pretzel rods (try to pick a bag where most are not broken)
All vegetable shortening (I used Crisco)

Melt the orange candy chips with 1/4 cup of shortening in a bowl for 30 seconds at a time and stir in between. You want do it on a lower power the first couple times and then increase it. If you try to melt it too fast it won't work and becomes cake-like. Once it is really smooth and viscous, pour into a tall glass. Dip pretzel rods in about 3/4 of the way a few times until coated. Lay them on the wax paper to harden. When you get down near the end you will have to tilt the glass to coat them 3/4 of the way.

Trick - if you want to make as many as possible you can use the broken prezel rods by dipping in the broken end... they won't look broken just shorter.

Melt about 1/4 bag of chocolate candy melts just like you did the orange ones with a tablespoon or so shortening. Spoon into a ziploc and cut off a tiny bit of the corner. This is how you apply the tiger stripes onto the orange part of the pretzel rods. Just go back and forth for a stripe effect. If any of your stripes go onto the wax paper and too far off the orange part then you can just break those parts off after they harden - many of mine were like that and it was easy to do.

*I doubled the recipe and made about 60 since it was easy enough to double so we would have plenty at the tailgate. These were very easy and I could see them adapted for many different things... like white with green and red for Christmas! If you aren't a Clemson fan feel free to become one so you can make this recipe ;)  I suppose it would also work well for some other sports teams or even just for fall or a kids party. Kids like tigers right?

These are kind of like chocolate dipped pretzels and have a salty sweet thing going on.

And this is what I got from hubby when I said pose with your Tiger Tail... ya just never know what you'll get (hopefully this doesn't turn you off from making them)

The Clemson Tiger Tails were a big hit at the tailgate :) I will definitely make these again... I can see them being something I make for our reunion every year. I will do a post about our reunion soon! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. yum...I love making these types of treats. The chocolate and the salt pretzel are a marriage made in heaven. TFS

    found you via making the world cuter...#279


  2. found you on tip junkie...too cute carolina fans would love to eat tiger tails at the big game coming up-- will pass your blog with my tiger fan friends- CUTE!!
    GO COCKS!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning!! and the sweet comments. I LOVe these. Going to make some for Thanksgiving! New follower to your great blog.

  4. Yum those look so good. Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely day.

  5. These look great, easily adaptable to any occasion. Thanks for stopping by too.

  6. These are so cute!

  7. Very cute and they would work well for my Honey too. He's a graduate of Auburn University and we are living in SC right now so the neighbors could be happy with the Tiger Tails too. Thanks for the great idea!

  8. Super idea! Thanks! And good for this Mizzou gal, too!

  9. I also love how these can be made to work for any occasion. What a great idea. It looks like they were very much appreciated :)I'd love for you to stop by and link this up at my Sweets This Week link party. Have a great Friday!


  10. Love these! Will definitely be using a black and gold (yellow) version of these for my daughter's HS graduation party in May!!!

  11. Thanks for linking up with Sweets This Week :)


  12. Hey Emily,
    I am going to make these next weekend for the Clemson/Carolina game! Do you think they would be ok to make this weekend and freeze until next?

  13. @Amanda, I don't see why they wouldn't freeze just fine. I would put them in an airtight tupperware container and also use some saran wrap under the lid. Hope you enjoy them! GO TIGERS!!

  14. I am going to make these for my son's first birthday party- fishing themed and call them fishing poles!


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