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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I received the "Stylish Blogger Award" from Kait at Mrs. DIY! YAY!

Kait lives in the Charlotte area too, is a newlywed, and has some fun crafting and decorating posts! Go check out her blog!

To accept this award you have to follow these 4 rules:
1. Thank and link back to the blogger who awarded you with the award
2. Share 7 Things about yourself
3. Award 8 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact the bloggers and inform them of the award

Okay so on to the 7 things:

1. I heart cheese big time. Grilled Cheese, Cheese and Crackers, Cheese Enchiladas, Cheesecake. Yum! This is making me hungry. I could eat it all the time (if that wouldn't be unhealthy that is). I love all different kinds. It is in many dishes that I make.

Zucchini Boats

2. Clemson is one of my favorite places ever. It is really hard to put into words the feeling that I get when I am there but for those of you that know, you just know. It is where we got engaged too :)

3. I don't have a gallbladder.  Mine had to be taken out when I was in college because it had gallstones and one of them got stuck in a duct. It was awful. Really weird I know... exactly what the Dr's said for someone young and healthy. Who knows.... but anyway, because of it I don't eat fried food or greasy food or things with a lot of fat. It is not a huge deal since I like to eat healthy anyway but no chick-fil-a sandwiches and waffle fries is a bummer from time to time.

4. Hubby and I have a list of cities/places we really want to visit. We have already done a few and really enjoy travelling to new places together. This was Boston last fall.

5. I hate coffee. I don't even like fancy coffee drinks or coffee ice cream. I guess this is a good thing since coffee and caffeine aren't good for the non-gallbladder either.

6. Blood and guts and such make me squeamish. I like to watch Grey's Anatomy but I have to look away during the operation/cutting people open shots. If there is something more natural like a skinned knee or a baby being born then that's not an issue but when they are opening people up and looking at the heart and such then that is a whole 'nother thing.

7. I am learning to sew. I recently got a sewing machine and I am definitely a beginner but I have hopes of becoming great at sewing. I am completely kicking myself for not wanting to learn all those years in high school when my mom offered to teach me. At the time I was thinking... boring.... but now I'm like geez what was I thinking!

Now I will pass on the award to these awesome ladies:

1. Shannon at Enjoy Life and Love
2. Taylor at Saved by Grace... Maintained By Coffee
3. MaryEllen at The Adventures of a Big Girl
4. Casey at Classic with a Pop
5. Megan at Pink to Green
6. Daphne at Moo Moo's & Tutus
7. Three Sisterz
8. Lily at Lily's Health Pad

Go look at their wonderful blogs! You won't be disappointed!


  1. thank you so much!!! ps, congratulations on 100 followers - yeah!!!

  2. Thanks Em! Imagine if we had all our resources and crafty ideas when we were in the dorm at Clemson (sigh).
    Can you help me get the HTML for the button? I want to work on that post later today!

  3. Here ya go Shan, I had to get Eric to help me with it since it was just the image and not the usual html that is shown with buttons and such. Put a < before the img and a > at the very end of what is below.

    img src="" width="150"
    height="150" /

    I only wish we had done all of this fun stuff while at Clemson or if we lived closer to each other now!! Miss you!

  4. Just awarded you...


  5. congrats on the award!! those look yummy!! Thank you for stopping by my blog :)


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