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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Italy Trip Day 6

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May 9 - Murano, Burano, ooooh I wanna take you to....

Our first full day in Venice, we decided to head to the nearby islands. After a little search for an ATM which were not as easy to find as in Florence, we boarded the vaporetto (bus boats) to get over to the San Marco docks.

Then switched boats at San Marco to take us first to Murano. We purposely bought vaporetto passes for the length of our stay in Venice so we could use them around Venice and also to get to the islands and they are well worth it if you plan to ride several times and just more convenient. The trip out there took close to an hour.

glad we didn't stop there

Murano is known for their beautiful glass. And we were there on a mission to find some gifts and do lots of looking. First though we needed fuel for all the shopping.... lunch.

We walking along the street until we saw a little restaurant tucked a little away from the main street with shady (tree shady not the bad kind of shady) outdoor seating. A quick look at the menu and it was decided. It was delicious and they plated their food nicely too. I had the pesto pasta. I have to say they had some of the best bathrooms we found in our whole trip - Italy isn't really known for awesome public bathrooms so this was a big plus!

Then we spent the next few hours perusing the glass jewelry, vases, plates, and trinkets. Megan and I were able to purchase gifts and things for ourselves that we set out to get.

Next we boarded the vaporetto to take us to the next island, Burano. It was about a 30 minute trip. Burano is known for their lace making and very colorful homes/buildings.

Look, it's a Clemson colored building!

We just walked around Burano taking pictures and grabbed some gelato at a shop there.

Then we took the vaporetto back to Venice which was about an hour and half. This happened to be a large boat and we got to sit up top and enjoy the views.

Then in San Marco we took the boat through the canal back to the stop near our apt.

 Eric caught some zzz's

After a stop at the apt we got back on a bus boat to go to dinner. We rode under the Rialto bridge which looks very different in the evening.

We ate at a tiny little restaurant called Al Stori which was in the Rick Steves book.

I had probably the best gnocchi I have ever had... mmm seafood gnocchi

Keith had this fresh fish which we just had to take a picture of... looks like it just leaped onto his plate.

After dinner we headed back to the apt after our eventful day! More Venice to come...

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