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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Italy Trip Day 3

In case you missed Day 1, Day 2.

May 6 - Eric and I woke up really early to take some pictures of the Duomo and streets around it before anyone was out. It was kinda cool to experience Firenze like that. It was really just shopkeepers getting ready for the day, the occasional passerby and us.

I haven't gotten around to cropping and changing settings on any pictures we took but I think there will be a few neat ones from then once I do.

That morning the 4 of us set off for our Accademia museum reservation time (kind of in the direction of the market and opposite of the Uffizi). Again no pictures were allowed inside :(  I liked this museum better than Uffizi mainly because of The David. It really was mesmerizing and hard to even put into words how impressive it was. We were there for about an hour.

Keith then suggested we go to the Galileo museum since we had more time before we wanted to go back to the apt for lunch. This was back over near where Uffizi is. Surprise surprise they did not allow photos either but we took a couple of shots by the river again.

anyone know what this sign means??

Then we went back to the apt for a late lunch of more food leftover from the market. We did a little bit of relaxing since we had decided to take the Duomo tour and climb the tour that afternoon at 3:30.

The Duomo was simply beautiful and more expansive that I imagined. The floors, the ceilings, everything. 

The sun clock

A guide gave us a tour of inside and then took us up a few flights of steps to the upper level for some pretty good views. I did a good job of listening to her inside but once we were outside all I wanted to do was snap pictures so I didn't catch much of what she said out there. 

And we look so colorful

And we still have a long way to go to the top.

Eric took over the camera for a bit and captured some artistic shots. Way to go babe!

And now for the rest of the climb. Almost 500 steps to the top. And we're not talking wide easy walking steps here. These were old steep very narrow steps. We were all questioning our decision to climb a freakin bazillion steps... especially those spirally ones... instead of just eating gelato. Don't let our faces fool you, it was a deep burn.

Then finally we reached the top and the view was just AMAZING! Completely worth the workout.

And then we realized we had to climb 500 steps back down... yowsers!

At which point we made our way to the nearest gelato place for a well deserved treat. It wasn't the best gelato we had since it was in a touristy area right outside the duomo but it was still good and cold. I know you like my one raised eyebrow... I didn't even think I could do that :)

Then we went back to the San Lorenzo market (that I mentioned on Day 2) a little before their closing time. I figured it would be easier to bargain with the sellers then... the negotiations went pretty well and we got some gifts we needed to get... such as a leather purse for a very important family member.

Then it was time for dinner. We had our first pizza in Italy and it definitely lived up to our expectations. The boys had calzones. I highly recommend Trattoria Nerone.

This was my dinner. I couldn't eat it all... I know, I know. But that is what the beauty of staying in an apt is for by having a fridge to keep it and a microwave to heat it up for leftovers.


Oh and they serve their coke in giant wine glasses haha. Keith looks so stoic.

After dinner we went on a stroll and back to the apt to prepare for the next day. That concludes Day 3. Hope you are enjoying our journey!


  1. Great fun and pictures! Going down is worse than up!

  2. I went to Italy (Rome & Florence) several years ago, and I'm dying to go back...thanks for sharing your trip here.

    [clicked over from Just a Girl Blog]


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