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Saturday, December 24, 2011

2nd annual Gingerbread House Making Party

Last year we started the tradition of a Gingerbread House Making Party. I can call it a tradition since we did it again this year :)  We invite several couples over for the party and I provide appetizers and drinks and usually people will show up with something as well. We have ample graham crackers and make the cement icing (recipe at the bottom of the link). Everyone brings items to decorate with that we all share.

Just like last year everyone had a great time. We extend our table and add a card table so we are all sitting together. We also play Christmas music.

For the appetizers there was nuts, salsa & chips, homemade popcorn, peanut butter cheeseball, chocolate kiss mice, and an assortment of cookies and peppermint bark.

The peanut butter cheeseball is to die for. I will do a post on it soon.
Everyone loved making their houses!

Eric and I decided to do a little street of simple houses this year instead of a big house so we could spend more time on the decor.

Gen and Josh had a cool cabin thing going. Sadly the structure took a fatal turn moments later preventing a finished photo.

Ally and Ray did a traditional house with some of the cute mice at the door.

Kristen and Jan had a modern futuristic house.

I think Katie and Kyle had my favorite this year with a gingerbread train! Katie was very excited to get to use the silver balls she brought.

2nd annual was a success... looking forward to the 3rd annual! Wow this year has flown by!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

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