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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Bapron

The Bapron.. or Baby Apron. Really its like a super-powered bib. After seeing the tutorial for this adorable bib, we decided to make it for our craft day in January.

My mom had already made one following the tutorial and gave me a few tips like hand basting on the bias tape. This really helped us beginning sewers get the bias tape on well... even with basting it, stitching ended up not catching the bias tape in a few spots on the back of the bib so I had to redo those. I can only imagine how much I would of had to redo without it!

I snapped a pic of how Katie's turned out right before the girls left. I didn't get a picture of Danielle's because she hadn't quite finished but she used a print for her fleece back instead of white which I hadn't thought of and it was really cute.

I don't have a cute baby to put it on like in the tutorial post so the tiger is modeling it. Clearly he has not grown into it yet.

This will make a really great gift for a baby girl. I can see these things preventing all kinds of mess since it covers such a big area while also being cute.

The tutorial is very detailed and the project took awhile as beginners but definitely doable so GO FOR IT! Let me know how it goes :)

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