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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Burlap Napkin Rings

I realized I never posted about one of the crafts Katie and I did awhile back at a crafting day and it would be a perfect winter/spring project to try! I found the idea years ago on Tatertots and Jello and favorited it until I had time to try it out.

burlap - 1/4 yard would be enough, not the burlap garland
napkin rings or pvc pipe in the size of napkin rings - found super cheap plain napkin rings at a thrift store
embellishments or buttons
hot glue

You cut the burlap into a strip big enough so that you can cover the napkin ring while tucking the burlap on the inside of the ring and hot gluing it there. The inside of the rings won't look really pretty but that won't be seen when you put them on napkins :) Then repeat this process for all your napkin rings. I did 8 of 'em.

Once they dry you can add ribbon and your embellishments using hot glue or tacky glue. I got mine at the hob-lob.

This is how Katie's turned out with using gray felt and buttons. I think they would work in any kitchen.

I went with a sheer dark purple ribbon since that went with our eggplant and bright green living room and kitchen pallet.I suppose I could have ironed the napkins first... just keepin it real for yall. I despise ironing.

I love that these dress up the table just enough!

Give this a try!

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  1. Em, these are real cute! You love burlap :) Looks cute with both the ribbon and felt. Another question…do you always put your napkins like that? I do them the opposite way. never thought about doing them upside down. Cute!

  2. Thanks! Yeah that is always how my mom did the napkins so that's how I learned to do them. I feel like most people I knew did them that way but maybe it was a southern thing... I found this set of pics from southern living too

    Katie did hers the way you do them and she is from MI so that might be it.


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