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Monday, May 28, 2012

Southern Caribbean Cruise: St. Kitts

The next day was St. Kitts. This was Valentines Day so naturally the men and women decided to spend some quality time apart. Just kidding, we actually did this because Eric and Keith wanted to scuba dive in St. Kitts and it just happened to be Valentines Day but Megan did tell our steward that the key to a successful marriage was some quality time apart :)

Megan and I set out bright and early for a tour of the island. I booked Rose and Jim's taxi tour after much research and it was a fantastic deal. We had an elderly couple join us after I posted about it on cruisecritic so that cut our cost in half.

We rode around in one of those 15 passenger van type deals with Rose as our guide. She was extremely knowledgeable about St. Kitts having lived there a long time and would stop any time we wanted to hop out and take pictures.

fort close to downtown Basseterre

There was a tour of the town, driving by a sugar plantation, driving through a little rain forest area to get to Romney Manor and seeing how batik is done at the manor, the botanical gardens around the manor, and then driving to Timothy Hill to see the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Sea meeting. All the while Rose talked about the island history, life on the island, different plants, animals, you name it.

the bottle tree

batik making
batik process
batik process continued

They have so much that grows there. We got to smell the ginger plant in the botanical gardens. We saw a man with a pet monkey and also many monkeys in nature - very common there.

ginger plant

Timothy Hill views were amazing and a must see. I took a ton of photos there hoping to end up with one we can frame in our house. We saw a bunch of German bicyclists there from one of the other ships in port.

The entire tour (start until arriving back at the dock) was about 3 hours and I would highly recommend this to anyone for their first visit to St. Kitts.

Megan and I arrived back to the dock just as it started raining and in time for lunch. We were glad we had our tour first thing. This was the only day during vacation that it rained some. After lunch it had stopped raining and we walked into St. Kitts downtown to buy a few souvenirs for our niece.
Valentine's display in the Windjammer
downtown Basseterre

Meanwhile the husbands went on a scuba diving adventure. It was their first time scuba diving in the ocean as their other dives had been in lakes/rivers/pools for their certifications.

Eric shot a great pic of our ship... there she is in all her glory.

They had a great time at 2 different dive sites.

Once they returned it was about time to sail away so we headed up to our spot at the Seaview for snacks and to enjoy the views of St. Kitts.

Then we got ready for dinner. Here are a few food shots.

We relaxed after dinner and did some walking around the ship too.

Then we had another towel animal waiting!

Next up is Dominica and Barbados!

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