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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Southern Caribbean Cruise: St. Maarten

In case you didn't sea (see.. haha I know that must be the best joke you've seen today) here we took a 7 day cruise in February which I will be recapping over several posts. This one is about Day 2 St. Maarten on Feb 13th.

For the day in St. Maarten, we had a relaxing morning and after eating an early lunch headed off the ship. The Caribbean Princess and a Fred Olsen ship below (UK cruise line) were in dock that day too too.

At the dock shops area, I had to get a picture with this same St. Maarten sign we got a picture with during our first cruise in 2007. (That was the Carnival Glory and we went to Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten with a bunch of friends)

Then we grabbed a taxi to Divi Little Bay which Megan had researched as a nice beach where you could rent umbrellas and chairs and was only about 15 min away. We decided to just do a nice beach day since we had been to the island previously and all our other port days had excursions.


We had a great time laying on the beach and walking in the sand and taking pictures. We were in a little cove like area with mountains around so the views were gorgeous. There was a bathroom and little restaurant/bar right there too. Get ready for picture overload... or just skip down further.

ahhh beach... oh how I've missed you

The boys swam out in their snorkel gear but they said there wasn't anything to see.

We left the beach a little before being due back on board to take some pictures of the ship from where we picked up a taxi back. The Serenade was the big ship behind the other 2 ships.

The whole time we were in St. Maarten we wondered about the foggy island we could see in the distance. The taxi driver on the way back to the dock told us it was Saba Island and that it is known for scuba diving. It is about 30 miles away from St. Maarten hence it being hard to see so if you are ever there wondering now you're in the know. The driver also said there should be no need for Valentine's Day (it was the next day) because you should show love every day. So true.

super foggy outlined in the distance - look VERY closely to see it

We lucked out and got a shot of the 4 of us in the shopping area of St. Maarten close to the dock.

Once aboard we headed up to the Seaview cafe on the back of the ship on deck 12. It was this place that was open from like 2pm-midnight and had burgers, sandwiches, small bites, etc. We liked to get the guacamole and chips and the fruit/cottage cheese plate for a nice snack to hold us over until dinner and watch the ship as it left port. It was a great spot for that!

Farewell St. Maarten!

We got cleaned up and were off to dinner.

My shrimp salad appetizer
Megan's quiche

We took some of the professional pictures that the cruise line sets up for you to take in different areas on some of the main floors that you can choose to buy after looking at them later in the week. Some of the 4 of us turned out hilarious due to the poses they have you make. We also took some ourselves below.

We were both rockin' purple dresses (although not planned). This was outside one of the lounge/bar areas on the ship.

We had our first towel animal awaiting us that night in our room from our steward Al. We took some photos with our new pet elephant and gave him a snack.

I was super disappointed this ended up fuzzy when in a printable size but that's what I get for not checking it close enough.. I have a non fuzzy one of us 3 but we don't have the glasses on.

Megan and Keith's pet was a bit of a cabin drinker.

I really am enjoying reliving our trip. Next up is St. Kitts and then Dominica which was our most adventurous day!

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