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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lingerie Bag and french seams

I have a lingerie bag I received before I got married made by my godmother. I love the bag and use it all of the time as it is wonderful for travel. I sent my mom hunting around for more of the fabric used on mine since a co-worker/friend of mine is getting married in the fall and I wanted to give her a special gift.

We had a surprise shower for her at work which was timed very nicely after a short trip to FL where my parents and godmother live. My godmother monogrammed the outside lingerie fabric with my friend's to-be initials. Then we bought companion fabric for the lining and all discussed the steps for me to sew the bag at home.

It took awhile since it was my first time doing this bag but I think it turned out great and looks just like mine (and others my godmother has made)!

It was nice that purple worked out for the zipper and monogram since that is her favorite color.

This was my first time doing (or even hearing of) french seams. These were done for the side seams of the bag. You sew a 2/8 seam allowance with the bag wrong sides together, then you turn right sides together and sew a 3/8 seam allowance. This way there are no raw edges on the inside of the bag! At first I did not understand why this was even needed but It makes the inside look nice and finished too since its a bigger bag.

She was SO surprised at the shower... she really had no idea she was walking into a room full of people to celebrate her instead of a boring work meeting :) oh and she loved her bag!!

Here are some of my co-workers and I with the bride to be.

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