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Monday, December 3, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like....

Anything but Christmas. It looks more like it's a couple weeks after Christmas and we happened to leave out our Christmas wreath, vases filled with ball ornaments on the mantle and a couple of Christmas items on side tables.

Before you say we are Scrooges here is what's going on... several things in the LaForce household are different this year

1. We are not decorating the house for Christmas and putting up all the garland and icicle lights that look amazing. We have never skipped decorating before. We both love Christmas but since we have our house on the market and are really busy with the building of our new home, my stressful job, other holiday activities, keeping our house looking super clean for showings, etc. it just did not make sense this year.

2. In case it was unclear not decorating also includes not putting up a tree. This makes me sad because that is one of my favorite things to put up but I just remember that Christmas is definitely not about trees and decorations and lights. It is about celebrating Jesus. We do still blast Christmas music and burn holiday scented candles... mmm pine. And we are still having our annual gingerbread house making party at least. Apologies to the attendees who don't get to see all our decor this year.

3. I am not doing any handmade gifts this year like usual. No crafts. No sewing. No plates of homemade delicious goodies. All of that would mean making a mess and adding stress which really takes the fun out of making gifts. So I am saying no to that this year. I am still doing annual baking day with the girls at Katie's house so I have cookies to put out at the gingerbread party.  Normally I like to make all the snacks and desserts we put out but this year everything else will most likely be store bought. And after some convincing I am going to be okay with that. In addition to baking day cookies, good cheese and crackers and salsa and chips will do just fine right. A couple of people usually bring a homemade snack too so that is especially awesome this year.

We are still in the Christmas spirit although it is hard to believe it is already December! Hopefully it is not looking like the Grinch stole Christmas at your house :)

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