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Friday, December 14, 2012

DIY wooden block ornament {How to do a lyre ornament swap}

ü  Receive the invite for the annual Alpha Chi Alum recipe swap and ornament exchange of Lyre ornaments.

ü Google lyre ornaments. Come to the conclusion that there is not a lot out there and any that don't look terrible will either take too long to be shipped or are too expensive for this type of thing.

ü Google harp ornaments. Harps are kinda close right so maybe one will look enough like a lyre instead. Come to the same conclusion unless I want to go on a wild ornament chase at every Target, Kohl's, boutique shop and the like.

ü Come to the realization that I will be making a lyre ornament. Yes I know I said I would not be doing any handmade gifts this year... this is me breaking my rule.

How to make a wooden block ornament

-wooden block left from this project that used a 3x3 finished wooden post
-paints and/or paint pens - a sorority girl's best tool
-skinny ribbon

Get someone handy to drill a small hole through one of the corners of the block just big enough to feed a skinny ribbon through. What you are going for with the hole through the corner is so when hung on the tree, the block will be hanging on a diagonal. To further explain, the block corner you choose and the hole you make will sort of form a triangle. See pictures if you are confused.

Feed a ribbon through the hole and leave the desired length. Tie in knot or bow to hang it by.

I decided to leave the block natural but you could paint it if you wanted. Decorate the block with paint and paint pens and allow to dry well - it won't take very long. I used yellow, green and red. The paint pens were particularly great for writing words.

This whole project took less than 30 minutes so it's easy to complete in an evening and does not have to span many days like lots of crafts. This would be great with kid's names or paint each side a different color. Or a great project for kids to make their own ornament!


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  1. Cute Emily! You could have also used your Silhouette instead of paint :)


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