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Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas in FL

We spent Christmas in Florida with my family before going on a New Year's cruise which will require many blog posts in the future.

We celebrated Christmas on the day after with a Christmas dinner including my godmother and my best friend Emily.

Turkey turkey turkey. Free turkey from Publix to be exact. My mom (and many many others I'd imagine) got a free turkey for getting a flu shot there. Preeeeetty nice deal.

This was my granny's roll recipe. Mom did a great job, they tasted just like hers!

The dessert I personally requested.... pecan pie! Delicious!

Besties... Em and Em

Glad I got to enjoy a Christmas tree and have it actually feel like Christmas since we didn't decorate.

The rest of the days before the cruise I spent time relaxing, shopping with mom, having a fun day with Emily, and a few trips to good ole Publix :)

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