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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Update on the Home Front

Our lovely home has been on the market for a few months now and we have had a good bit of showings but no offers yet. It's just a matter of someone coming along and loving it as much as we do... we want the next owners to enjoy living in it as much as we have! I guess it would be like giving away your dog's puppies and wanting them to go to a good family not that I've ever been in that situation but I can imagine that is what it must be like :)

I can say we have probably cleaned the house more times in the past few months than in the whole time we have lived here haha. It's really mostly a lot of keeping all surfaces free of anything on them which is something most people don't do. No pan left drying out in the kitchen. No glass left on the coffee table. No lotion or toothbrush left out on the bathroom counter. No pile of clothes out ready to go into the washing machine or a clean pile ready to be folded. Etc etc. When you sell a house and want it to show well you become conscious of these things! I'm sure if kids are thrown into the mix you have to let some of that go. 

Meanwhile, our new home is coming along. 

The framing is now fully complete. These pictures were taken over a week ago when they were pretty close to being done with framing. It's so much fun seeing it go up step by step. We are trying to visit it at least once a week to take lots of pictures. We found that especially helpful in our current house when wanting to tackle a DIY project and wondering what the pipes looked like behind a wall or where studs were. 

That's Eric in the garage and me in the kitchen... pretty typical.

So that is what is happening regarding LaForce house updates. Please pray for us as we hope to sell our current home soon and for patience as we will have a very busy spring with lots of unknown dates at this point. We have an open house this Sunday too... I'm baking right before so the house smells like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, oh and those that come can eat them too. Maybe the key to someones home decision will be through their stomach!

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