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Friday, March 8, 2013

Wedding Registry Recap

After a coworker getting married this upcoming summer talked to me about registering for wedding gifts, it dawned on me that a lessons learned about a wedding registry would be really helpful. Hey I would have loved seeing something like that before we registered. So here are my thoughts broken into 3 categories.

Wedding Registry Lessons Learned


What we ended up loving and using (or already had and use):

-Silicon tools and other cooking utensils
-Silicon whisk - small and large
-Our white dishes - We got nice white bone china for everyday dining. It goes with everything and is very sturdy. Ours are by Tu Studio and have never cracked and still look great 3 years later.
-Peelers - We have a set of 3 that are good for different kinds of fruits and vegetables. One peels peaches like a dream.
-Regular can opener - Not electric, didn't want that sitting out.
-Pizza cutter
-Nice cutting knifes - I talked about that here along with knife skills.
-Nice pots and pans - Don't skimp on these since you use them all of the time. We love our calphalon.
-Basic baking stuff - Pans, baking sheets, rolling pin... you get the idea.
-Stand grater
-Cooling racks - The stackable kind are great
-Mixing bowls
-Tupperware containers
-Toaster oven - Don't need a toaster when you have this and you can easily warm up leftover pizza or rolls without using the big oven.
-Dutch oven - We don't use this a ton so it almost fit into the next section but it has come in handy several times so it's nice to have.
-Wine glasses
-Various pyrex with lids and the pyrex warm/cool carrying case
-Queen size air bed - great for visiting others or for when a bunch of guests stay
-Crock pot (already had this)
-Measuring bowls, cups, and spoons
-Bottle opener
-Tray tables
-Ironing board (already had this)
-Food processor (already had this)
-Hand mixer (already had this)
-Plenty of silverware - we use up spoons so quickly
-Paper towel holder
-Spoon rest
-Oven mitts
-Trivets - to place hot dishes on
-2 tiered wire fruit basket - We easily fill this up every week after grocery shopping


What we could have skipped or glad we didn't register for:

-Ice bucket - We have used this once maybe. When we have small get togethers people just use the ice on the fridge and when it is a large get together we always have a cooler of ice so this isn't really needed.
-Just okay vacuum - You should not get a middle of the line vacuum.. it will be perfectly fine for a year or so but then not so great. I will be glad to get a new vacuum when we move.
-Just okay iron - Again you should read reviews and get an iron that will do a great job.
-Fondue pot - used this once so probably not necessary unless you know you make fondue a lot.
-Waffle maker - Also used this only a couple times. Definitely underestimated how often we would make waffles with just 2 of us so this probably could have waited.
-Spice rack - This one may surprise you and while I have used about half the spices in my spice rack, the others are not as common and it would have just been better to buy the spices we like and as we needed others for recipes and put them on a turn table thing or rack in the cabinet.
-Soap dispensers and toothbrush holders - We got these and it was what I thought I wanted but once we were in our house I wanted something different so we exchanged them.
-Napkin holder - We registered for this and didn't get it and never purchased it. We either set the table with napkins or just get them out of the pantry. No need for a holder to sit on the table.
-Tea kettle - We have just used this a few times so doesn't seem worth it since you could make tea without it
-Toaster - Didn't need to get due to toaster oven
-Sheets other than white
-Picture frames
-Home decor
These last 4 were all things that are really personal taste and I feel are best purchased on your own and not in the rush of registry when you end up exchanging or returning them later.


What we wish we had added (and have since purchased or plan to):

-More dishes - We originally got enough for 12 but have since purchased more so we have 20 settings.
-Really nice vacuum - See above comments about the "Just okay vacuum". If anyone has suggestions we will be vacuum shopping soon. Update: Email from hubby a month ago while at work "So I bought a vacuum..."  I would be less than thrilled about this not being a 2 person decision if  A) it wasn't a top notch vacuum brand with just amazing reviews and  B) it wasn't a killer deal. So far we love it.
-Really nice iron - See above comments about the "Just okay iron"
-More cutting boards - I had one and we got one but we have since purchased like 4 more plastic ones since we are always needing a few at one time for different things.
-Grill pan
-Dish Drying mats
-Canisters for flour, sugar, etc.
-More tupperware - Containers to fit a couple servings of something are perfect for leftovers.
-More chip/bag clips - These get misplaced easily
-White sheets - Great for a guest bed and goes with anything.
-Folding table and chairs - We use these when we have too many people over to fit at our dining table and the table is great at tailgates.
-More dish towels - These get worn and you can always use more.

Many of you may have totally different thoughts on these items which is great. This was just reflecting on what we learned base on our lifestyle.

Hope this helps some future brides and grooms! What are some of your favorite items from your wedding registry?

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