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Friday, March 15, 2013

Western Caribbean Cruise: Cozumel

After our Sea Day, we had our first port of Cozumel. Eric and I booked a 3 reef snorkel excursion through Eagle Ray Divers after much research and debating about what port to do snorkeling in.

Our ship from the dock.

That morning we left the boat and headed to catch a taxi to the marina as instructed. I have always wanted to see Cozumel and it was a gorgeous day!

We waiting around for about 45 minutes after getting to the marina for everything to get squared away and all the employees to get everything ready. Things were a little slow getting going due to it being New Year's day so we left a little late.

The boat we were on had 7 adults and 2 kids. It was a small boat and not anything like the catamaran we went on in Barbados but we knew this going into it. Apparently Cozumel doesn't really do catamaran snorkeling excursions. The guide gave us an overview of all the hand signals he would give us for what he saw underwater like making hand signals like a trumpet = trumpet fish. He went over many different fish, sting ray, octopus, eel, lobster, shark (don't worry they don't bite or so he said) and sign of the cross = big shark... that one was just a joke I hope.

We got to the first reef and got jumped right in. The water was a little chiller than my liking but not terrible. We did some great snorkeling there and at two other reef stops after that. I think the last reef was the best. Here are some shots from snorkeling.

Baby shark do do, do do do do


Hundreds of sleeping fish. This was crazy to see.

We knew that a lunch was included with our excursion but since we started late I was beginning to wonder if we would have time since we didn't want to cut it close. Well the boat docked at a little open air restaurant. Our guide asked for our orders and we literally had 15 minutes to eat. The burritos were amazing and HUGE so I wish we had a little longer to enjoy them and the restaurant.

We grabbed a cab from the restaurant back to the cruise ship dock with enough buffer time. And as soon as the cruise was over we got an email from Eagle Ray wanting to refund our trip due to the delays and disorganization at the beginning. It wasn't anything we were upset about but this really showed us how much they pride themselves in  perfect service. So we got a free excursion and I would definitely use them again!

We just did some relaxing once we were back and talked with my parents about their excursion, Salsa and Salsa (making a bunch of different kinds of salsas and margaritas and learning the salsa dance) which they loved.

Then we got ready for dinner.


And ate some delicious food!

Seafood pasta.. yum!

Cheesecake... one of my favorite desserts.

Then we played some games and hung out around the ship and admired our cute towel dog.

Next up is.... Belize!!

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  1. Wowwwww! I love those pictures of you guys under the water. And that food looks amazing! Cheesecake is my favorite :) Cute towel dog!!!


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