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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2 baby showers in 1 weekend: Baby Miller

The beginning of last month I attended two baby showers in one weekend in two different states... how often does that happen?

First up was a shower for our friends Tyler and Whitney who live in Louisville expecting a baby boy in June. The shower was in Tennessee where they grew up and also where Eric spent his childhood and formed a lifelong friendship with Tyler.

We left Friday after work for TN and met their family and Keith and Megan for dinner at a ridiculously slow local restaurant. I suppose I could have used the spare time to take some photos but I did not.

We stayed with Tyler's brother Brad and the others were at Tyler's parents house. Saturday we got ready for the shower and headed over to the Tyler's parents church where the shower was in the gym.

Karen, Tyler's mom planned the shower and did a wonderful job with the pirate theme and decorations and really went all out. I do love a well decorated shower!

It was a clever that many of the decorations can also be used in their themed nursery.

Mom to be with Megan and I.

If there was ever a question if the twins were alike in their mannerisms...

The shower was around lunch time and there was plenty of food for everyone.

Striped straws and glass jars are really a party must-have in my opinion :)

There was a big tiered tower of homemade cupcakes in various flavors like chocolate fudge, oreo, carmel, lemon and funfetti. Yes funfetti... say no more, I'm there.

As a "game" we wrote messages for them on diapers to give them a laugh when they are exhausted new parents. It was a little hard to write on diapers so hopefully they can read them!

 They received lots of wonderful gifts for baby James... things off the registry and some very nice handmade items like a quilt. As part of our gift I made Whitney a nursing cover and a little boy appliqued fish outfit that I will post about soon.

That evening we all had dinner with the parents to be and their extended family at Outback unfortunately there are not a of lot of food options for a crowd in Johnson City.

Tyler's brother and his wife had a baby boy back in the fall and he was such a trooper all weekend minus a few blood-curtailing screams. That kid can really strike a note but how cute is that smile :)

Then we went back to Tyler's parents to hang out and eat more cupcakes :)

We had a great time visiting friends in TN and are so excited for the arrival of James!

Early Sunday morning we were on the road enroute to the 2nd baby shower of the weekend... stay tuned for the shower for Baby Jaynes.

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