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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Abby Candids

Our niece, Abby, who lives with Eric's parents that I have written about many times, is growing up right before our eyes. It is crazy to think how she has developed into this little person and just turned 6 years old!

She loves writing and drawing and doodling. She can even write her name in cursive and is learning the other cursive letters. Abby has this hunger for learning and absorbing everything around her. When we were in Columbia for a wedding in April we had lunch with Eric's family on their back porch and I was able to shoot some candids of her with my 35mm lens - still love this lens by the way. She has so many different expressions.

Oh and she is taking piano lessons every Friday. She is so proud of how far she has come in her piano book.

These are Eric's sweet grandparents who are nearly impossible to catch in a photo.. they don't like having their picture taken or posing so I snapped this candid very quickly :)

Staring contest... Abby wins

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  1. Lovey post! You are right, the Eskas are hard to photograph!


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