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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Painted wood bead statement necklace

This craft is super easy and a wonderful outfit accessory. I just love statement necklaces! The only downside is when those necklaces are heavy and can weigh on your neck after awhile but this one is not heavy at all. I had seen a few of these on pinterest and decided to make my own. You can finish it in 30 minutes tops unless you spend forever deciding on what colors to use like I did :)
Painted Striped Wooden Bead Statement Necklace
- 10 wooden 1 inch beads with the holes drilled through them (found at Michael's in package of 18 and other craft stores)
- 20lb off-white hemp cording (also found at Michael's in the jewelry section)
- craft paint
- painters tape
Wrap half of each bead in the painter's tape. You have to guide it some to keep it pretty straight on the round bead but it doesn't have to be perfect.
Paint the other half in your chosen colors. I stuck with 3 colors but you could use more or less. I used coral, royal blue and yellow. This is a very customizable craft!
Wait until the paint is dry and peel off the tape. (I thought it would be like painting a wall where you pull off the tape as soon as you can before the paint dries to get a clean line but that actually made a messier line than waiting for it to dry completely)


String on your beads and cut the cord to the desired length. I always like to tie mine and try it on before cutting so I can make an adjustments. I made mine about 25 inches long (plus several inches for the knot part) and it is easy to slip on over my head. Too much smaller and that might have been harder to do.

You could easily make this with smaller wooden beads too especially for kids and if you go with 3/4 inch beads there are 27 in a package instead of 18. The cording comes with enough to make at least 3 necklaces so make one with a friend or for a friend!

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