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Friday, November 29, 2013

Football Team Burlap Banner

So after making my fall banner and also seeing a similar Tigers banner at the Clemson vs. Wake Forest game, I knew I just HAD to have my very own Tigers banner to hang up at tailgates. I am sure you want an awesome Tigers banner too... or perhaps whatever college or pro football team you cheer for so here is how to DIY.
It was pretty easy to make especially if you have a cutting machine like a Silhouette or Cricut.
Football Burlap Banner
- burlap
- mod podge
- cardstock
- twine or something to hang it with
- glue gun or clothespins
- craft paint
- foam paint brush
- ribbon
Start by cutting out enough burlap trianges. I did 8 since I wants TIGERS plus 2 for tiger paws. Mine are 8.5 inches across and 10.5 inches down. It's best to brush mod podge (half school glue half water) over the triangles as this helps the paint adhere better later. Let that dry for an hour or so. 

Next you need your letter templates. I used my Silhouette software to pick a font and size my letters. And then I fed cardstock into the machine for it to cut out my template. You want to leave enough space in between the letters to cut them out separately since you need the negative space to make the templates. If you don't own a cutting machine you can cut letters out of cardstock using an exacto knife or make friends with someone that has a cutting machine :)  I also believe some libraries have die cutters with the alphabet and some shapes... this is what I used one summer in college to make letters for a bulletin board.

Here you can see all the templates layed out on the triangles ready for painting. I use catalog or magazine pages underneath to catch the paint that goes through.

Hold down on the cardstock while you use a foam brush to blot paint onto the burlap to make sure that it doesnt shift.

This was after a second coat.

Next you need to attach your triangles to twine or string. I attached all the triangles to twine using mini clothespins from Walmart. Make sure you leave extra on the end for tying up your banner. I plan to hot glue the triangles to the twine eventually but just ran out of time before we needed it. Plus I think the clothespins are kinda cute so I may even keep them after it's hot glued. Then you can tie ribbon in between the triangles in your team colors. I found orange ribbon and purple and black tiger striped ribbon at Walmart.

When I hung the banner I used more clothespins to attach it to the tailgate tent but you could also use the extra twine you leave at the ends to tie it up.

Now we have a fun DIY Clemson Banner to hang up whenever we tailgate or even at the house when we are hosting a viewing party! And you know in Clemson we tailgate our hearts out. And in style... if you don't believe me just ask Southern Living


  1. Super cute addition to your tailgate!! I might have to try this for football season :)

  2. What font did you use? How do you keep the burlap from unraveling?

    1. Hi J.Legg, I used JasmineUPC (can't remember if this font came with my silhouette software or I downloaded the font). You can download a lot of great fonts at

      The burlap just didn't seem to unravel much when I cut it and I think the mod podge you brush on keeps it from unraveling in the future as I haven't had any issues with that. Hope this helps!


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