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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Late Summer Early Fall weekend happenings

Here are some fun happenings around Charlotte I've been meaning to do a post on. I've left out anything that has it's own post such as the New House Party.

More fun at the whitewater center river jam with friends. With the quick arrival of cold temps this week, I'm wishing for warmer days so we can go to these again (and also because I don't like cold weather).

My friend Gen and I first saw a poster about the Lion King in June 2012 saying it was coming in August... well she called about tickets and turned out it was for August 2013, not 2012 so this was definitely a much anticipated show! It was fabulous! 

Housewarming and Clemson vs. UGA viewing party at the Bowden's new home. Go Tigers!

I got to help out at Brittany's DSLR Photography class, Lights Camera Manual. I was an attendee last January. She got to hold this one in her new office space.

I had so much fun helping the ladies out with their cameras so they could learn all about aperture, shutter, ISO, light metering, etc. And I was able to snap some photos of the class in action. Seriously it was a blast.. I love practicing with my camera!

Yep that's a spider underneath a wood board on a bridge.


Eric's company's had an outing at the whitewater center on a Sunday in September for employees and their families. There are so many more obstacle courses and zip lines than when they first opened up which was really fun.

Not a weekend happening but Eric spoke at Ignite Charlotte about teaching computer languages to young kids. Yes his slides had kittens..

And also not a weekend happening but my friend Brittany opened her photography office in Charlotte (the place we had the class) and had a office warming/grand opening event. As I've said before she is super talented!

My parents visited prior to the Clemson Wake game (which deserves its own post) and brought with them some of my childhood toys after cleaning out their attic

Anyone else have waaaay too many beanie babies?

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