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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Decorating above kitchen cabinets

I always wanted to decorate above the kitchen cabinets at our first house and never really got around to it before we moved. So I recently started collecting items to go over our current kitchen cabinets. Since we have staggered kitchen cabinets (different heights), I decided to just put items on top of the cabinets with more space above them. Also I think a key to making above cabinet decor look great is to not put too much up there. So even if you don't have different heights, space items out into corners and groupings much like how you would decorate a credenza, buffet or dresser.

I've felt like the tip of groups in odd numbers usually hold true for a great look... so items with 1, 3, 5, you get the idea.

I gathered these items below from April through August. You can tell I like to decorate with varying textures too. The only thing that might be missing is some type of greenery but haven't figured out where/if I should add that. I did not want to overdo the decorations or have anything that drew a bunch of attention.

Of course I may swap out a couple of things or add something just when I decorate for Christmas.

For the cabinets to the left of the first photo, I first picked up this wooden farmers market sign at a vintage warehouse last Thanksgiving.

I was trying to collect enough wood scraps to put under the items since there is a dip down on top of the cabinets of several inches where the molding is but was having a hard time with the sign falling over. My mom suggested using old magazines and catalogs and it worked like a charm. I could stack them behind the sign too to keep it tilted back ever so slightly so it didn't fall. As you can see pretty simple but a great way to add decor to your kitchen!

Source list:
Farmer's Market sign: Vintage Warehouse in FL
Burlap Letter with nail head trim: Hobby Lobby
3 Glass Jars in Wire Basket: Lake Normal Antique Mall
Brown glass bottles: large one from Habitat Restore, medium and small one from Lake Norman Antique Mall (medium one is a vintage Clorox bottle)

And here is a picture of the whole kitchen so you can get an idea of the cabinets. In case you were wondering we have since raised the height of the pendant lights... who knows why the builder put them that low.

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