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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Custom Onesies

I've talked before about the custom onesies that I make by coming up with designs and using my Silhouette machine but I haven't shared a lot of photos of them, especially not with their recipients in them!

It feels so special to make something handmade and custom for a gift instead of always buying something so I really enjoy doing these and other handmade gifts.

This is Abby. I made this onesie for her big sister Taylor in 2010 and it is still going strong! I got to see both girls last weekend and they were as cute as can be decked out in Clemson gear.

And this is Molly. I have yet to meet Molly in person yet but I cannot wait to hopefully meet her soon and kiss her sweet cheeks!

Molly is a great supporter of the Tigers! Wonder if she will end up at Clemson one day... The class of onesies are probably my favorite ones to make.

It was great to get photos of these babes in their custom onesies. I've got some more custom onesies on my to-do list for some births coming up (perhaps even a few I've never done before)!

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