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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall Decor and Family Room Update

Since I showed y'all my fall mantle, it is definitely time to share the rest of my fall decor so I snapped some pictures. This also showcases the family room pillows that my mom and I made. I love how the coral, teal/turquoise and cobalt are coming together! There are still a few more to go but the majority of them are done. I plan to do a tutorial on one of the fun pillows we made.

Dryer vent pumpkins I made and a Thanksgiving printable.

Pilgrims and Indians... a gift from my mom last Thanksgiving. Yes, I know, her painting is so detailed.

Gobble gobble... my mom snatched this turkey up at HomeGoods.

Paint chip pumpkins I made. These are super easy so you can make some too. Plus probably my two favorite pillows in the room. And I picked up that pretty turquoise bowl at an antique/vintage place near Charlotte called The Depot at Gibson Mill.

Some fabric pumpkins in the next  2 photos from my godmother. And a great shot of the blue credenza I introduced a few months ago.

A view of the other side of the living room.  I'm still loving our wool HomeGoods rug and will definitely be buying more rugs from there.

I can't remember where this wood turkey is from but the teeny tiny pumpkin is something my mom made out of a knob. And yeah that frame has been empty for months. I keep meaning to have a photo printed to go in it but yeah... decorating is a slow process right?

I struggled with what fall decor to put on the kitchen table. Everything I tried didn't look right so I decided to throw a white candle and a few plastic pumpkins, gourds and leaves into this glass vase and call it a day.

Hope you enjoyed the fall decor and mini family room tour!

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