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Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Mantle

Our Christmas mantle this year is just slightly different from last year. Of course the wooden reindeer I got at HomeGoods last year had to be up there again.

And I also added these wooden vintage snowmen my godmother made me several years back. These are really special to me because she made their hats out of my godfather's socks who passed away suddenly 5 years ago. Now whenever I look at the mantle (which is often because it is sorta opposite our couches and I just love our mantle) I think of him :)

The Santa basket on the floor is also from my godmother. And the stockings were made by my mom. The garland is from target.

Whenever we are home we have our mantle lights and tree lights on because you can only enjoy them for what seems like such a short amount of time... and where in the world is the month of December going?!?

Here is the mantle from last year. One year I'm going to think about doing something more white/silvery/gold instead of the typical red and green.

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