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Monday, December 29, 2014

Hand Painted Nativity Set

My favorite Christmas present I received was this handmade Nativity set from my mom. After her and I found this stable at a local antique mall, I really wanted a set made from the pegs like she does for Disney Princesses, super heroes, etc. So it wasn't a surprise but I cannot imagine all the time and effort that went into this gift. There are 3 camels, 3 wise-men, 2 sheep, Mary, The Angel, Baby Jesus, Joseph, a donkey and 2 shepherds. And the addition of the wooden star to the stable completes the scene. Each peg is so detailed (even more so than this photo does justice) and I know it will be something I look forward to putting out every year.

I think this just goes to show how much handmade gifts are appreciated. I love making gifts myself, looking through things people make and design on Etsy and buying at local shops. So much thought goes into these types of items and isn't just something you can pick up at Target that a million other people have too (don't get me wrong... I really like Target, I just think handmade gifts are exceptional). It's fun to think about passing down these handmade things to future generations too just like when my mom gives me something that was made for her or for my grandmother etc. it feels special to have something that was theirs.

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