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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Easy Thin Wooden Sign for any event

I made this sign for my SIL's baby shower and it is really easy to do and can be adapted for all sorts of events or occasions.


- Lauan/Luan board (I got this at Lowes, it is a really really thin wood board and comes fairly small to begin with - maybe around 2 ft by 2.5 ft)
- Twine/Jute
- Hanging things (from Walmart) or duct tape
- Cut out letters or shapes or whatever you want on your sign
- Scotch tape or glue stick

Cut wood board to the size you want with a saw. If you don't have a way to do this at home usually they will cut it for you at the home improvement store. My board was cut to 18" by 17"

Figure out how much you want it to hang and cut your jute and attach the jute to the back of the board. These fabric-ish squares with metal hole hanging things came from the hardware section at Walmart but you could also just securely tape your jute to the back.

Arrange your letters/shapes and tape them into place on the front of the board - I was generous with the tape pieces :)  I used tape so it would be easy to swap out the letters and shapes when needed.

Then you just hang it on a wreath hanger or command hook or whatever you want.

This was first used for the Rubber Duck shower but could easily be used for another shower theme by swapping the ducks out. Or the "Baby" could be swapped out for Hello Fall or Hello Summer or Hello Tigers (Go Clemson!) or Hello Friends or Hello "any name" for a birthday party. The possibilities are endless!

If you do want your sign to be permanent then use a glue stick or some other kind of glue to more permanently fasten the letters/shapes.

Here is another sign I made following the same process and used it for a few photos during a photo session for our Christmas card with the very talented Brittany Lauren Photography. It made a great cheap prop!

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