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Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's A...

Last Sunday we had Eric's parents, Abby and Grandpa, Keith and Megan, and my parents over for lunch so we could all find out the gender of Munchkin together. At our appointment we had the ultrasound tech write it down and seal it in an envelope to take to Publix. Publix then made a gender reveal cake for us where the middle icing is either blue or pink but nothing on the outside of the cake gives it away.

We got to visit the new Publix not too far from our home. It was just as great as I remember growing up. Eric had to get a sub while we were there and I know we will be back. I'm sure other grocery stores do this too but we decided on Publix because their cakes are so delicious. I even know people that have used them to make their wedding cake because they just taste THAT good! Oh and we picked up a few balloons (FYI - helium balloons will not last 24 hrs... we had to get a few more at Bilo the morning of the lunch).

We had homemade pizza and salad for lunch and everyone put in their boy or girl guesses for Munchkin. The girl side won out but I was most interested in my mom's guess... she has this hidden talent of guessing genders correctly... she has about an 80% track record. (My sister and her husband weren't there but had called in their guesses)

We cut the cake and after we pulled the knife out the first time we could see some blue icing on the knife but we wanted to be positive and once the first piece was out we were sure munchkin IS A BOY!!! We are so excited! Of course we would have been happy and thrilled with either outcome but I've always wished for a little boy as part of our family and I'm so grateful that was God's plan for us too!

Ever since we found out we were pregnant, even before any symptoms or anything I'd been picturing munchkin as a boy for some reason so that is why my guess was a boy.

Most of the old wives tales actually pointed to girl. Here is how they all came out:

Chinese gender chart: Girl
Heart rate: Girl
Morning sickness: a bit of a toss up (no pun intended)... definitely had some nausea but never threw up
Skin: Girl
Cravings: Boy

Of course the cake was amazing just as I expected and everyone enjoyed it... and I'm not even a big cake person but this cake is fantastic (for me, if I plan to eat cake over cookies or brownies it better be darn good cake!).

Blue balloons for us!

Munchkin got to officially meet Megan's baby, Peach, bump to bump for the first time. They did not find out the gender. Their little one will be here in just a few weeks and we will get to find out if it is a boy or girl! We are glad the cousins will be so close in age!

We then spent the rest of that afternoon at the American Girl store with Abby so she could get her doll's hair done. That place was definitely eye-opening. I love American Girl dolls but I miss the days when it was more about the dolls outfits and the books/stories that went with them rather than all the kits/furniture/accessories. There is certainly a lot to choose from now.

Eric and I topped off the day by going to dinner with Keith and Megan and a couple of friends at one of my favorite restaurants, 300 East. That concluded a successful gender reveal day with the parents and in-laws. We are so thankful that the family was able to come and celebrate with us!

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