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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

This year we celebrated Christmas at my parents on the 27th/28th since my sister had to work on Christmas and the day after. I just have to share a mini tour of some of my mom's decorations because they are so neat and different from anything she did in the past... all the blog reading has really inspired her!!

Here is the tree. She made a ton of these music paper ornaments and a tree topper seen here. She also added the paper Christmas words and the tree only contains angel ornaments and a few music instrument ones that go along with the angels.

This is also in the living room and contains all of my mom's handmade angels from over the years... she is pretty crafty.

She made my sister's fiance a stocking this year to match the rest of ours.. that is the fullest the mantle has ever been.

Here is her clay pot tree with a few other decorations and a table with snowmen in the foyer area.

Fabric trees similar to what she saw here and her decorated balance.

The table setting for our Christmas meal.

We opened our presents on the night of the 27th. I must have been really good this year because I got many wonderful gifts. The main things were a DSLR from Eric that I had been eyeing.

And I also received a sewing machine from my parents for a combination Christmas/Birthday gift and we contributed to it as well. I had picked it out back in Sept and wanted it to be a sewing machine that I have for a very very long time. I brought it to my parents so my mom and I could experiment with making something on it. I CANNOT wait to do a post on what we made :)

We had a big Christmas meal around 1pm on the 28th. My mom went all out this year since last year we didn't have Christmas at their house and we didn't have Thanksgiving here this year either. We had glazed ham, macaroni and cheese, squash casserole, waldorf salad, biscuits, and Eric and I made the Pioneer Woman's green bean casserole (I got her cookbook from my parents too)! There were also 2 pies - buttermilk pie and Run for the Roses pie. Everything was fantastic and it still is as leftovers :)

Here are my sister and I and significant others with our godmother, Peggy. Peggy has a picture of us with my parents on her camera or I would have added that too... updated: added 2nd picture of the fam (could see this as a great Christmas card pic for my mom to use next year!)

Hubby and I :)

We had such a fabulous Christmas spending time with family and friends. I got to see my bff Emily a couple of times which was just wonderful!

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  1. you got a friggin bernina! wow. jeremy's mom just told me over the weekend that she has jeremy's grandmother's and I can have it. she thinks it is a bernina, but she has never used it. hopefully i will get it soon :)

  2. LOVE that sheet music ornament! :) Just found you over at Remodelaholic. Nice to meet you ... and happy you had such a great Christmas. Happy New Year!

  3. i have a bernina, too, and i just LOVE it! can't wait to see what you made.


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