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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kiawah Half Marathon

We went down to Kiawah for the half marathon on Dec. 11th. No, I did not run a half marathon but Eric did. I am all for exercise and running is okay but running in the early morning is definitely not for me (especially with cold temps)!

Eric started training for this race over the summer and ran or worked out in the mornings before work. He had a little "running club" of people in his group at work that he would run with twice a week in uptown.

This was his first race ever and my first experience attending a marathon/half marathon. 5 of Eric's close friends from highschool/college ran it too and one of their siblings ran as well. We stayed at the same friend's beach house from 4th of July. Here are some pre race pics. Eric is somewhere in there behind the 8 sign.
all the runners

Keith and Eric

We couldn't have asked for much worse weather. It was about 38 degrees and rained during the whole race. Pretty miserable for all those runners with soaked clothes and shoes. Nevertheless, Eric did an awesome job and finished 13.1 miles in 1:48! Only 4 minutes short of his 8 min mile goal. I was such a proud wife cheering him on near the finish line.

He was happy with his time and really tired and sore as to be expected. We watched some of the others from the group finish too and here are a couple shots.

It was quite a cool experience to see runners finish a big race and have a sense of pride and accomplishment. It almost made me want to do it too... if only they did races at like 10am or in the afternoon haha!

We spent the rest of the weekend in Kiawah lounging about as everyone else was aching and tired. We watched a few movies, played games, and ate way too much cheap mexican food. It was a fun weekend with friends and I am so excited for Eric's big accomplishment!

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  1. No marathons here. Your photos look exhausting! :p

    There is a fun surprise waiting for you on my blog this morning :)


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