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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Tour 2010

Christmastime is just a wonderful joyful time of year remembering the real reason for the season, the birth of Jesus Christ. I love so many things about Christmas that have become traditions or will be for years to come... the cookies/treats, driving around looking at outdoor lights, remembering special ornaments that I had forgotten about from the year before, apple cider, and all the fun decorations! I love decorating for Christmas and even did so while in college in my dorm or apt (though on a much much smaller scale).

So here is a Christmas tour of our holiday decor. Confession: we did tone it down slightly this year... I know I know (didn't put out all the decor, skipped some garland, didn't do the candy cane lined driveway) because we are celebrating Christmas at my parents house this year instead of our house so I have also added in a couple pics from last year when I didn't have a blog to share them on.

This was our outside decor last year. This year is the same except no garland or candy canes so just picture that. Oh and the window wreaths... geez I guess we did tone it down outside.

This was our garland staircase last year... I skipped that this year.

Mantel area with the Dollar Store Hurricanes and wooden sock hat snowmen my godmother made along with a basket of pinecones she gave me. I had garland and stockings up last year but this year we are taking the stockings to my parents house so my mom can fill them with goodies :)

The main event.... the tree! I love our tree... it has frosty looking glitter on some of the branches. Oh and the tree skirt was made by my godmother which makes it really special!

A few ornaments I adore... Our First Christmas champagne glasses, oven mitt with utensils, and gingerbread bake shop.

Coffee table... the ornament balls tie in with the mantel and the kitchen table.

Here is the sofa table all decorated for Christmas mostly with some handmade decor from my mom (snowman, angels) and some things I have snagged at hallmark's after Christmas sale (countdown, tree).

Side table with snowman made by my mom and a penguin candy dish (another hallmark buy).

Another side table with handmade santa from my mom and the penguin globe from my godmother. We like penguins if you couldn't tell :)

Last side table (I promise) with a tree from hallmark and another homemade angel from my mom. My mom used to make gifts like all of these each year for friends, neighbors, and our teachers - she made extra ones so my sister and I could have them too after college when we had our own places to decorate.

On to the kitchen area... this is our lovely table. I'm sure you have seen the centerpiece before for summer here and fall here. It is just so easy to repurpose and the perfect centerpiece for this table. Finally something I made haha.

I was inspired by this post decorating cabinets with cards and I decided to use our pantry door. I just taped up some red polka dot ribbon and attached all the cards with little paper clips. It did get quite crowded so next year I may need to do 2 ribbons instead. It was a really easy DIY craft with a big effect on the white door.

The hanging angel was made by my mom (you aren't surprised right?)

Cute snowmen salt and pepper shakers (from hallmark). Can you tell I always go to hallmark after Christmas haha! And a new plate from Josh and Gen - Christmas AND Clemson... score!

A couple other little decoration items are in bedrooms. I put our Clemson santa in the guest room this year since we knew Keith and Megan were coming to stay in it and it would remind them of their house. They have like a million of these and gave this one to us a couple years ago.

I just put a few decor items in the master such as this clay pot tree my mom made. She found the idea here and made a smaller version. And I also put up this little picture holder my godmother sent me with a picture of me in front of her tree at Christmas when I was little.

And a plate on hubby's dresser.

Well that concludes the holiday tour of our home! well the toned down version this year. I'm sure I would have needed to buy more decor in the past if it weren't for my mom and godmother. Now that I blog and look at a bunch of other blogs each day, I have some fun DIY ideas I want to try out when decorating for Christmas next year!

What are some of your favorite Christmastime traditions or Christmas decor?

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  1. I've awarded you the 'Stylish Blog Award'...go check it out here:
    Shantel @

  2. I love all the photos! I feel like I've been in your home now. Thanks for sharing. Also, thanks for the shout out to me about the terra cotta christmas tree!

    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths


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