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Sunday, March 20, 2011

baby Jovie and her gift

Our friends Jeremy and Holly had baby #2 - a little baby girl a few weeks ago! And by little I mean she was only 4 lbs 13 oz and about 1 month early but thank the Lord everything was fine and she did not go to the NICU or anything.

We went by to see her last weekend when she was just 2 weeks old. I had never seen or held a baby so tiny and she was just so sweet! She didn't really open her eyes much yet so I am excited for the next time we visit to see how much she changes in just a short amount of time.

How precious is she? I love her little polka dot sleeper :)

Another purpose of our visit was to give them Jovie's gift. I got a sewing machine for Christmas and so during that time, my mom and I made a bib and shoes for Jovie. I know this sounds quite ambitious for a first time sewer but my mom has mad skills so she helped with some of the harder parts. I found the patterns for free online and knew that was exactly what I wanted to make... the bib was from Homemade by Jill and I cannot remember where I found the shoes but if you google kimono baby shoes free pattern then I'm sure you will find them.

The inside of the shoes matches the back of the bib and the button on the bib is just for looks - it really closes using velcro. I think they turned out pretty darn cute!

I also made Jovie 2 onesies using my Silhouette heat transfer material in purple and in pink. And 1 onesie using the freezer paper stenciling technique using paint- the cupcake one.

My favorite one is the owl because if Jovie is anything like her dad, she is going to be quite hilarious. If you knew Jeremy then you would know exactly what I mean.

I just love doing homemade gifts!! Oh and it was all wrapped up in this adorable cupcake gift bag from the good ole Target dollar aisle.

We also gave them 2 loaves of Friendship Bread (also called amish bread or friendship chain bread)! I love that stuff and it always makes great gifts. I would give you the recipe but you have to have the "starter" in a ziploc bag given to you - hence the friendship chain name. Sounds strange but if you know anyone that makes this stuff you should get a starter from them and try it!

Congrats to Jeremy and Holly!!

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  1. I love the bib and shoes! I was just looking at her bib pattern today thinking of making one for my nephew :) I adore the shoes!

  2. These are really cute gifts! Those little booties are just adorable! I'd love to try to make some!

  3. How sweett! I love it!

    I'd love to have you share this at my For the Kids Link Party! Stop by and check it out!

  4. Ok I'm convinced I have to try these! I haven't bought the transfer material yet so I'll have to do freezer paper first! They are all so cute! Great job and thanks for sharing! I am visiting from the DIY Show off. If you get a chance check out my post and tell me what you think!

  5. Emily, those bib and shoes are adorable! I wish I knew how to sew :) Maybe someday!

  6. You did a fabulous job! I;m sure baby Jovie will look adorable in them when she grows a bit! You friend must have been thrilled with her gifts!

  7. DARLING! So cute and creative. You did a great job. Visiting from someday crafts.

  8. very cute gifts. your sewing is very good for a beginner..i am still a beginner after about 20 years! stopping by from tatertots and jello

  9. That is so cute. My sewing machine is being tuned-up so I can't start the sewing projects just yet.

  10. Way to go on those booties! I have tried to make some of those, and totally screwed them up! lol!
    I am sure they loved those gifts, and I LOVE the owl onesie too! Thanks so much for linking up to Try it Tuesday Emily! You rock!
    Have a happy Monday!

  11. Congratulations to your friends on their beautiful little Jovie! I was so glad to hear that despite her small size, that she is healthy! What a blessing!

    I agree that handmade gifts (especially ones as lovely as yours) are the best. What a meaningful and special gift for your friends! The owl is my favorite too.

    I finally bought some freezer paper this past weekend, and look forward to trying your stenciling technique soon!

    Thank you for sharing more of your creativity and light at "A Little Birdie Told Me..."



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